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Employee retention is the most important aspect in organizations nowadays as retaining talented and committed employees is essential. As organization aims to keep employee who has knowledge and skills required, understands the objectives and strategies of the organization to compete in the market, and past history of the organization. Retention becomes extremely valuable to the organizational leaders and human resource managers as many researchers found that the cost of replacing old employees with new ones is expensive financially to the HR department in terms of replacement and training cost.

Furthermore, the turnover aspect is affecting the organizations performance. The high turnover rate brings distraction to the organization in the form of direct and indirect cost and the opposite is true as the low employee turnover will reflect the success of the organization in term of stability and growth.

In recent years, the United Arab Emirates shows rapid evolution in a global dynamic market and attracts large numbers of foreign employees. These employees have influenced the practices and policies of the organizations. That’s why the UAE organizations must learn how to maintain their efficiency and productivity through retaining qualified employees and overcome the retention problems.

The study objective is to examine the turnover and retention factors affecting the national and non-national employees in Al Ain organizations, and to compare the survey results with the literature review. The literature review addresses the factors affecting employee turnover, turnover results, employee retention strategies and factors affecting employee retention which will be elaborated in the study. Finally, the last part will include methodology of the study, the survey results, limitations and the conclusion.

The survey results show that the employees in Al Ain are…...

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