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Electrical Engineer

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Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport

Graduate School of Business (GSB) – Cairo

Master in Business Administration (MBA)

Case Study in Economics

Material Lecturer

Dr. Doaa M. Salman

Prepared By

Ismail Abdel Maaboud Elghoul

Mahmoud Abdel Maaboud Elghoul

Tamer Emam

(MBA Students)

March 2013


1. Introduction Page-03

2. Market Volume Page-03

3. Market Share Page-03

4. Market Type Page-05

5. Company Portfolio Page-06

6. Company Products Page-07

7. Factors affect Supply. Page-07

8. Factors affect Demad. Page 07

9. Sales trend Page-08

10. Supply, Demand and Elasticity Page-08

11. Conclusion Page-08

12. References Page-08

? Introduction:

This Paper is a presentation for a real company economic analysis in regard with the market and the company portfolio as well as the factors affecting both of supply and demand product quantities. Also, in this presentation we will go through cases of elasticity in the relations between all of product price, supply and demand quantities.

The subject company in this presentation is Almarai Company that produces Dairy liquid, Yoghurts & Desserts, Foods, Juices, Bakery Poultry and Infant Formula.

Almarai Company is based in KSA; however it is considered one of the biggest companies in that field in the areas of GCC and Middle East.

? Market Volume

Total sales value of the company through Year 2012 was 9, 883 Million SAR by an increase of 24.3% comparing with the value of the previous year, and operational cash flow of 2,384.4…...

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