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Violent films, TV shows and err...poems?. Recently a poem was banned from the GCSE ‘Anthology’ book by the AQA is schools. ‘Education for leisure’ studied by 14-16 year old in England and Wales, written by the poet Carol Ann Duffy. The poem which talks about squashing flies and flushing goldfishes down the bog caused outrage by stating that it would cause fragile teenagers to go on killing sprees. A certain ‘Mrs.Schofield’ complained about the poem, stating that it was ‘Vulgar’ and resulted in the aforementioned ban.
400 years ago when Shakespeare wrote plays like ‘Macbeth’, you didn’t see ‘Ye Olde’ teachers complain and ban it. Is it really so different now? Shakespeare has been studied in schools for years now, which contains blood, gore, and knives and it probably isn’t going anytime soon.
Knife crime is a very big problem in Britain at the moment, with over 277 stabbings per year, that’s nearly 5 per week. This shocking statistic just shows the state at which Britain is in. The main concern is that Teenagers may relate to the poem and carry out the deeds mentioned. Which may end up to something similar to the dreadful ‘Columbine Massacre’ in 1998? 2 years later, 8 year old Damilola Taylor was stabbed in the leg and bled to death. Many people say that this was the spark that started the fire in the media reporting knife crime.
Young people in today’s culture are under pressure to have a ‘hard’ status- especially young male. In a recent survey, nearly half of teenagers have been involved or affected by Knife crime. Violent gangs are also a major issue, many of them glamorise knives and guns as if they were toys. Also, many famous celebrities claim to have something to do with gangs or weapons. Some of these include 50Cent, Snoop Dogg and other famous Rap artists. Probably the most controversial of these involved the singer Katy Perry, of whom posed with a…...

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