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Week 5 Learning Team C Reflection
September 22, 2014
David Mozinski

Week 5 Learning Team C Reflection
This week’s material discussed more macroeconomics and the global economies. It ran the gamut from basic macroeconomic concepts all the way through understanding the causes and effects of financial crises. The objectives were to accurately project the effects of credit markets on the economy and global economic conditions regarding trade and specialization business decisions. Learning Team C will demonstrate their academic findings and discuss the areas of difficulty and how the material relates to their individual fields.
Topics in Which We Felt Comfortable
Primary comfort among the team was found in the arena of money creation, the money multiplier, lending, borrowing, and interest. Topics primarily focused on how commercial banks alter the money supply, either by creating money or altering its value. Recognizing that shifts of the money supply from one bank to another can have an impact on an institution ability to make loans as well. A collapse of single banks can have severe and long lasting negative effects on other banks and on the real economy (Lengnick and et. al., 2013). Although the majority of the team felt most fluent with similar topics, one team member felt different; noting that it was difficult to find solace with most of the topics, but identified that income and consumption was palatable.
Most Difficult Learning Objectives
This week the readings proved to be quite a challenge for Learning Team C. The specific areas varied within the chapters but on a whole the team struggled with international finance. Each of the team members faced difficulty with the learning objective and topic that includes the equilibrium interest rate, comparative advantage between nations, banking systems, and international exchange. Realizing…...

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