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Essay: Eating Sugar

In today’s society it is not unusual that prejudice and anxiety inhibit us from trying to relate to the different cultures around the world. This narrow-mindedness is created by a tiny knowledge of circumstances. We are simply informed of all the misery, corruption and extremism outside our nation, with only all the appalling facts mentioned in the media world – the distance between nationalities is increased all the time, which makes it hard for people with different cultures to meet and communicate. If a foreigner came to your rescue, while you were in the most need of aid, how would you react? This issue is one of the main subjects in the short story Eating Sugar.

The British short story Eating Sugar is written by Catherine Marriman, and was first published in Getting a Life by Honno in 2001.The set of the story takes place in the mountains in Thailand with an omniscient third-person narrator. We are introduced to a married couple, Alex and Eileen, who are on holiday in Thailand to visit their daughter, Suzanne. Alex, the father, is very suspicious of the natives, but in the end he overcomes the suspiciousness. Eileen anxious behavior makes it possible for Alex to suppress some of his fear, which makes him seem only uninterested. To try to describe his character I find it appropriate to use Duane Hanson’s, Tourist 2, a sculpture, from 1988. Duane Hanson sketches a typical image of tourists with cameras and Hawaii-shirts. This could be used as a parallel to Alex and Eileen’s behavior. They are only in Thailand to visit their daughter. They prefer to be left by themselves away from the natives, just being there to observe and take pictures uninterested in the natives and their culture.

The mood changes in the end of the story, when Alex’s behavior switches. The description of the country is taken to another level, which is…...

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...subjects: food, people, trips. Fear of the unknown is one of the themes in the story "Eating Sugar". In the short story "Eating Sugar" we follow a family of three who's stuck in a forest in Thailand. The three characters are respectively the family father Alex, the mother Eileen and their daughter who works as an English teacher in Thailand, Suzanne. The parents are on a vacation, visiting their daughter. In Thailand, they go to a market far from the town, inside the rainforest. Inside the forest they leave the market to see a waterfall. When they return to the market area, everybody and everything is gone. The market has moved back to town for the day, and now they're stuck in the forest. This results in the parents freaking out. Eileen is obviously afraid, fearing they won't be able to get back to town; “Why should a taxi come?” Eileen argued. “It’s not on the way to anywhere. The road stops here.” (page 1, lines 16-17) Alex, on the other hand, is trying to hide his fears away. He is just as afraid and scared as Eileen, but that that her anxiety is suppressing his own feelings; her constantly-expressed anxiety kept his own fear suppressed. (Page 1, line 20) As Eileen starts to walk around restlessly, Alex starts reminiscing about his and Eileen's youth. He thinks back to a time when both he and Eileen tried experimenting with some LSD. Eileen was having an anxiety fit, but ate some sugar to remove the bad trip, which worked. Back in the present, they suddenly hear......

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...Eating sugar - Essay The unknown and the insecure are in many ways one of the biggest fear factors to human beings. It is the fear of not knowing what’s next and how to handle it. The fear of not knowing how to react and the fear of not knowing how to protect yourself and your nearest in a threatening situation. In the short story Eating Sugar, facing your fears is the theme. In addition the story also deals with the differences between how the young and the old handle unknown places and situations. The story takes place in a forest in Thailand. A place that for the daughter Suzanne is perceived as an experience, but for the parents Eileen and Alex, is an unknown and insecure place to be. Eileen indirectly expresses (p.9, l. 79): “Anything could happen” which proves the fact that she is afraid and that fear comes with the old age and with the responsibility of having a daughter you think you still need to take care of. Eileen and Alex acts reserved against the situation of being in the forest without knowing how to get home and they only imagine all the things that could go wrong. Whereas Suzanne takes it all more calm, lives in the present and doesn’t think about what might go wrong. In that way it illustrates how the role as the family protector has actually been reversed by the way the parents have been brought on insecure ground and depends on the daughters acts and knowledge of Thailand. The father, Alex, doesn’t express his fear of the unknown situation, at least......

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...Eating sugar In the short story, ”Eating Sugar” by Catherine Merriman, we are introduced to the theme of Xenophobia; the irrational fear of places or people that seem foreign to oneself. This is done as an indirect criticism of the prejudiced tendency of modern society, as people often seem to frown upon those who appear unfamiliar, and look at them as primitive and hostile. We are, through a third-person, non-omniscient narrator presented to a family of three, the father Alex and the mother Eileen, who are visiting their daughter Suzanne who works as a teacher in Thailand. The narrator is non-omniscient, as the story is told from Alex’s perspective, and the reader therefore does not become aware of neither Eileen nor Suzanne’s thoughts. The story starts in medias res, as it begins in the middle of the action, when the family comes back from a trip to the waterfall, and realizes that they are lost. They have been down at a waterfall, and Alex suspects that they might have taken a wrong turn, hence “three hours ago, this forest clearing had been a busy market…”and it becomes apparent, that they are not aware of their location, and they need help to get home, which they come to receive from 4 Thai-men who randomly walks by. Eileen, as well as Alex, seems to possess a dislike of Thailand, as seen in the quote “Eileen found Thailand stressful, and wasn't ashamed to show it. Alex was grateful to her. Her constantly-expressed anxiety kept his own fear suppressed.” This......

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...Eating Sugar It has always been easy to judge other people before you know them – much easier than it is to open up to a complete stranger. Every day we judge other people by the way they look, and especially people with different backgrounds than ourselves. But isn’t it wrong to make first-hand impressions before you know the person? It might turn out that it is a nice person with a great personality hidden under a different appearance. The short story Eating Sugar, written by Catherine Merriman,_ _describes the meeting between two different cultures; how their first-hand-impressions on each other are and how this impression develops over time. The story takes place in Thailand in the month of April. We are in the deserted rainforest where an English family, consisting of Alex, Eileen and their twenty-one-year old daughter Suzanne, have been on a trip with other tourists and guides. But they decide to stay a little longer than the other, so they can enjoy the waterfall alone and end up getting lost. After a while - and many thoughts about the situation, they meet a group of Thai men. Suzanne and her parents have very different views on strangers. Alex and Eileen are very suspicious about the Thais, and they do not feel safe among them. They do not trust them, and especially Alex is sure that they have met someone who might be dangerous as he states: “...Christ, they could be up to anything” (_page 5, line 125)_ Unlike her parents, Suzanne is very cool about...

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...Eating Sugar A. Hosts and tourists often have a certain distrust of each other. This is because the two parties often don’t actually spend time together. The relationship between the two is often brief and instead of looking at each encounter with a native or a tourist individually, it is very easy to sum it up as an “encounter with the other”. We all tend to create “others”, when we meet walls of difference, built by race, culture, and language. This view on tourism by William Cannon Hunter is also apparent in the short story “Eating Sugar” by Catherine Merriman, where the meeting of two different cultures creates precisely this “us versus them relationship”. The story takes place in a rainforest in Thailand where an English family, consisting of Alex, Eileen and their twenty-one-year old daughter Suzanne, has been on a trip to a tourist attraction along with many other tourists and guides. When the others go home, the small family decides to stay a while longer, drawn by the opportunity to have the small paradise to themselves. When they decide to leave, the rainforest is deserted and what earlier has been a busy market, has now vanished. It seems as if this stressful situation is a mere continuation of this somewhat trying trip for Alex and Eileen. They feel lost in Thailand when Suzanne isn't by their side. Nobody speaks English, and Alex compares their helplessness to the kind that children must feel. Being in Thailand has reversed the roles in the family:......

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...EATING SUGAR Meetings between cultures can be a demanding task for both. Tourists and natives. A culture can be described as learned human behavior patterns and differ between cultures. Those who have the resources (often money) can experience new cultures, but for many it can be a difficult step exploring the unknown. Furthermore communication can play an important role in recognizing and accepting new cultures, as well as socializing. Panic can develop against the unknown and this can form pre-judges. This is what we experience in the short story “Eating Sugar”.   This an essay on the short story “Eating Sugar” written by Catherine Merriman and published in 2001. In the story we experience a meeting between two different cultures, who are forced to communicate without speaking the same language. We see how this impression develops over time. In the story, which takes place in Thailand in April, we meet a British family consisting of Alex, the father, Eileen, the mother and their twenty-one-year old daughter Suzanne. Alex and Eileen are on vacation in Thailand to visit Suzanne, who is working as an english teacher in a society. Through an analysis of the symbols in the story, this essay will discuss the theme prejudice. The story is told by an omniscient 3rd person narrator, and as the story is being told from the tourist point of view, we experience the native Thai’s as the tourist do. The narrator only knows the father’s thoughts. The author has chosen to sprinkle...

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...Engelsk – Essay Task A The text Eating Sugar is a shortstory written by Catherine Merriman. The story takes place in a forest in Thailand during the Song Khran, which is the Thai New Year holiday and it takes place in April. The story is about an English family of three: Alex, the father, Eileen, the mother and Suzanne, the daughter. Alex and his wife Eileen had travelled to Thailand to visit their daughter Suzanne, who is an English teacher. They went inside a forest to look for a market, but the market was no longer there when they got there, so they decided to go back, but instead they got lost. Alex and Eileen were both afraid, especially when four Thai men showed up in the forest, but their daughter Suzanne were just calm and mature. She took care of her parents and talked to the natives they met in the forest, trying to get her and her parents a ride back to the city. There is definitely something about role reversal here, which Catherine Merriman also says. “There had been a role reversal here. Suzanne, their brace twenty-one-year old daughter transformed [...] to a competent, patient encouraging parent. He (red. Alex) and Eileen her anxious, fractious dependent charges.”[1] Alex is the only man in the family (at least that we know of). When a man is alone with his wife and daughter, of course he feels like he needs to protect them from every possible danger. That is also why Alex wants to seem tough on the outside, not showing that he is afraid, even though......

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...Eating Sugar - by Catherine Merriman (2001) Catherine Merriman has written the story Eating Sugar, which is about the couple Eileen and Alex and their twenty-one-year old daughter, Suzanne. Suzanne works as an English teacher in Thailand, and now her parents have come to visit her and join her in her week off work. It is obvious though, that none of the parents are very happy about Thailand. It says so in line 21, where Alex describes the vacation as ‘forced on them’. The three of them are on a tour in the forest, but instead of keeping up with the other tourists, they deliberately get left behind. This turns out to be a very stupid thing to do; at first they did it, because they wanted the place for themselves. They seek adventures and excitement, but as soon they lose control over things, they get scared and frightened. This is also seen in the flashback Alex has, where he thinks back on old days, where he and Eileen did drugs. They had taken LSD, which is a drug, which makes you hallucinate and see things which aren’t there. This is a parallel to the situation they are in right now; The Thai, Wirut and his friend, are strangers to Alex, Eileen and Suzanne. Wirut is the one doing the talking, he seems to be the only one of them, who knows just a little English, and this is not even very much. Alex is scared of them; he immediately gets suspicious about the whole situation, and in line 71, 74, 111, 125 and 134 he starts imagining what Wirut and the other Thais would do to......

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...”Eating Sugar” Since the dawn of civilization, people from different nations and cultures have crossed each other’s borders, both physically and mentally. Throughout history this has resulted in more or less dramatic events, stretching from the Spanish General Cortez’ annihilation of the Inca-empire in South America, to the joyful re-union of East and West Berlin in Germany. Today, the possibilities of exploring different cultures are limitless – with a sufficient amount of money and a valid passport, one could be sitting on an airplane flying to any destination in the whole world. In the short story, “Eating Sugar”, we are introduced to Suzanne and her parents, Alex and Eileen. An omniscient 3rd person narrator tells the story, which is set near a tourist attraction somewhere in Thailand. The omniscience of the narrative role is seen several places throughout the story and is intensifying the tension, as both parents’ feelings are revealed instantly; “Eileen found Thailand stressful, and wasn’t ashamed to show it. Alex was grateful to her.[1]” However, the narrator takes point of departure in Alex, which is seen, when his memory of his and Eileen’s LSD-trip is described in detail (l. 1, p. 4/10). In “Eating Sugar” there are a lot of contradictory conditions. The most dramatic one is when the family is concerned about how they will come home and four native Thais ‘emerge’ from the forest path. Already before engaging in a conversation, the narrator uses Alex to...

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