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|Q. No.1 |The establishment of panchayats, block samiti and zila parishad fulfils the need of the following principle |
| |(a) |The principle of leadership |(b) |The principle of grass-root |
| |(c) |The principle of democratic approach |(d) |The principle of whole family approach |
|Q. No. 2 |Method Demonstration as an extension teaching method is classified under |
| |(a) |Individual contact |(b) |Group contact |
| |(c) |Mass contact |(d) |None |
|Q. No. 3 |Large group when divided into smaller groups (units) for a short period of discussion is called |
| |(a) |Brain storming |(b) |Buzz session |
| |(c) |Conference |(d) |Workshop |
|Q. No. 4 |The modified version of a panel discussion in which three or more resource persons discuss a specific topic is called |
| |(a) |Symposium |(b) |Workshop |
| |(c) |Colloquim |(d) |Buzz session |
|Q. No. 5 |Main objective of NARP is :…...

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