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August 25, 2014
Dr. Michelle Kuamoo

The US defense industry is a worldwide program that enables research and development, and maintenance of military weapons systems to meet U.S. military requirements. The Defense industry consists the DOD and thousands of defense based companies. The defense industry has companies located in countries all over the world that are vital to mobilization, deployment, and sustainment of military operations (Homeland security, 2014).
The defense industry has come under scrutiny, because of its work with the war in Afghanistan, the battles here in the US, and defense spending. These days, people and businesses are influenced by social media, television, peer pressure, and these outlets can change the way a company functions or operates. Despite the best logical responses to certain social pressures, the defense industry actions will not please everyone, but it will provide the most basic sense of security we are all use to. A good example is the F-22 military aircraft was created to revolutionize the way we fight a war, so far the F-22 raptor program consists of 187 aircraft and cost 79 billion dollars($420 million per aircraft), but matched with a cheaper aircrafts in other countries. After a series of highly publicized mishaps (faulty oxygen systems and the death of Capt. Jeff Haney) and media pressure, the aircraft was grounded till the problems were fixed (Lee Farran, 2012).
My employer, DynCorp International is one of these defense contractors, founded in 1946 as, Land Air Inc. and California Eastern Airways by World War II veterans. DynCorp began work directly with the US military as maintenance services technicians, then expanded to marine services and Acquisitions (logistics). DynCorp stance on ethics is there is zero tolerance of discrimination of age, race, gender, or sexual…...

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