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This painting is called “Café Terrace at Night” by Vincent Van Gogh. It was created at 1888. This painting has the primary colors of blue, green, and a tiny bit of red. It also has a secondary color of yellow. The painting depicts the analogous colors of blue and yellow. The color temperature in this painting is cool and chill, but at the same time it is warm and cozy. The complementary colors of yellow contrasts with the complementary colors of blue and green. The contrast draws the attention to the focal point which is the café. There are a lot of vertical lines to show the stability of night. There are other buildings in the painting, but the audience’s eyes go toward the café. There are people sitting in the café eating, drinking, and conversing. There are also people in the streets wearing clothes with festive colors. The yellowish white stars in the night sky illuminate the ground. The pavement is reflecting the light of the starry sky and the café. The pavement also has a pattern going on. The light and dark values draw you to the focal point of the Café. I believe this painting has compositional unity, because the elements and principles are organized. The colors of harmonizing blue and the cozy café fits together perfectly. There is nothing out of place in this paining. In my opinion, the tranquil colors of blue of the night sky depict the calmness in the painting. For me, the café is the emphasis in this painting. The painting is mostly in dark and cold colors, but the café illuminates a lot of light which caught my attention. The contrasting color of yellow illuminating from the lantern in the café gives off the happiness feeling, because the color of yellow gives off a warm temperature. The yellow light also gives a sense of feeling cozy. The pavement gives the sense of unity and the café gives off the sense of variety. Everything is pretty much in…...

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