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Final Research Paper Topic
Mary Levengood
HSM305: Survey of Homeland Security & Emergency Mgmt
Instructor: Stephanie Lemmon
February 22, 2016

Final Research Paper Topic
Across the development of history here in United States, the nation has dealt with domestic terrorism originating from numerous locations. These include individual terrorists, organized crowds, and anti-American groups. Many of these warnings and frightening operations were made with goals to obtain political and social recognition. With all the details that have been compensated and obtained by the Department of Homeland Security’s Counterterrorism groups, we can begin to comprehend and determine these terrorist’s strategies.
As our past has revealed, terminating these domestic terrorists is an exceedingly difficult thing to do. It takes time, work, money, and skills and talent of an essential group of individuals to penetrate terroristic unions and their developing strategies. Still, we do not permit this to avert us in our attempts to eliminate terroristic threats and their movements towards the United States. Our government and it’s aptly instructed Department of Homeland Security will not permit these domestic terrorists to intimidate or terrorize our country.
"The Department of Homeland Security is made up of many components. The training and preparation it takes to be part of this group is detailed and extensive. Its structure has changed through time," (Bullock, Haddow, & Coppola, 2016). In pursuance to utterly comprehend how the Department of Homeland Security is combatting the causes of domestic terrorism, we will need to respond to three important inquiries. 1. First and most importantly, what is the contrast between the act of a terrorist and a criminal act? Determining the dissimilarities will permit us to develop a procedure that could manage either condition in a…...

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