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Dolly the Sheep was successfully cloned from an adult cell after 277 consecutive tries and her birth was announced on February 22nd, 1997. Seven years later, she was diagnosed with lung disease and was put to sleep. The scientists have theories but are not 100% sure of why or how she acquired the disease (Annas 7). According to panelist Dr. Mark Siegler, from CNN, the rate of animal cloning successes is "astonishingly low,” and yet, scientists are preparing to start experimenting with cloning humans (Academy 4). Regardless of a person’s religion, man was not intended to decide who lives and who dies. Therefore, I strongly encourage that any form of cloning should be banned nationwide, and if possible, worldwide. Why are we trying to play the role of God and attempting to make soulless beings? According to an article from Guardian Newspaper, a clone human is “no longer a unique creation but rather an engineered reproduction” (Rifkin 1). Religion is among the more powerful factors that shape opinions toward cloning. In a survey, Protestants, Catholic, and Buddhists appeared to be the most against it. Some have responded, “Only God has the power to create a living creature, and for man to ‘create’ life is blasphemous” (Bainbridge 1). Creating life that is not supposed to be on Earth in the first place is in direct defiance of the natural order of the universe. Furthermore, cloning can lead to the creation of the master race. It is possible a leader might instruct the scientists to clone humans with specific characteristics that he/she desires. This might remind you of Hitler, the evil German dictator that thought his race, the Aryan race, was ‘superior’ to others. Because of his belief, he massacred millions of people. In addition, having only one set of genes, or similar genes, lowers our resistance to various germs, viruses, diseases, and other harmful…...

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