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The changes in outlook of the voters regarding elections seems to indicate hopelessness. The voters becoming cynical about Philippine politics thus, the most important factor for them in choosing the candidates are those from whom they will benefit most. It is manifested in the voters’ acceptance of money being offered to them during election, the dole-out mentality. They accept money during the election period because they think that it is only during elections they can directly benefit from the candidates. This implies that voters have a limited appreciation of governance and policies that affect them, such that good governance is not a major factor to consider in their decision-making.

Candidates win the elections mainly because of the political machinery, platform, popularity and public image. The machinery contributes to the candidates’ reach of influence particularly at the local level, while campaign funds oil the machinery to run efficiently. But some felt that the intelligent voters’ basis of selecting a candidate is their platform and program of government. For the intelligent voter it is important because it is based on the consultations and identification of the problems of the community that should be addressed, the accomplishments of public service rendered by the candidates during their respective terms.

Vote-buying is especially noteworthy and should not be tolerated but vote buying has become a common practice or “nakagawian na” and that nothing can be done about it anymore or “wala nang magagawa”. Vote buying, in particular – is being the most prevalent form of election fraud.

Why do candidates give/dole out money during elections? It is imperative for candidates or political parties to give money in exchange of votes, but…...

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