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In Text 1 (Jamie Doward, ‘’Police back new law on killer dogs’’), the author discusses a proposal to overturn the Dangerous Dog Act, holding pet owners responsible for any dangerous acts committed by their dogs, rather than focusing on a particular breed of dog as a means of dog control.
In Text 2 (Victorie Stilwell, ‘’Jail owners of killer dogs”), the author also holds owners responsible for monitoring and carefully supervising their dogs at all times. The author strongly states that it is unfair to children as well as dogs to ever leave a dog unsupervised in the presence of children.
In Text 3 (Simon Heffer, ‘’If the dog is dangerous, the owner will be, too”), the author also holds the human accountable for the actions of their dogs, but he is very negative and discriminatory about certain dog breeds as well as certain classes of people. The author states that certain breeds of dogs are prized by certain classes and types of people and that with aggressive dogs comes law-breaking people.
Simon Heffer, in his writing about dangerous dogs, is very critical of both the legislation regarding certain breeds as well as about their owners. It is obvious from his writing that Heffer has disdain towards people whom are impoverished, referring to them as “the underclass”. He is very negative towards certain breeds of dogs and stereotypes the people who own them. ‘’Pit bulls and their associated banned breeds are the chiens du choix of the criminal classes’’ This statement is an example of his views. The author even goes on to generalize that owners of certain breeds are “out of control’’ and are school truants, drug dealers and thieves. From there, he goes on to actually call them murderers, as they possess dogs and certain breed types which have attacked and killed humans and which they are unable to control.
Heffer adamantly blames poor people…...

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