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Does Your Environment Affect Your Lifestyle

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Does your environment affect your lifestyle?
By: McMillan

This topic can be very difficult at times to answer. As a group we all had different opinions on this topic. Some would say yes, and others would say no, but everybody is entitled to their own opinion. A person’s environment can cause major changes in their life. Younger kids are easily influenced to wrong things, but it doesn’t mean that they will grow up to react on what they have seen growing up. For instance Oprah Winfrey grew up poor and neglected. She was also beaten by her mother as a child. Just because her younger days weren’t her best days, does not mean that she would grow up and never amount to anything. She’s rich today because she worked very, very hard to become successful, and she understands that her past had a lot of wrong doings. Oprah doesn’t go around beating on others or downing people who don’t have money because she understands how it feels to be poor and beaten. I guess some would say that her upbringing is what made her as strong as she is today. Others would say that the environment does affect a child’s lifestyle? I would say in some cases I do not agree with that. For example the most famous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was raised in the best environment possible. He grew up with both of his parents in the house, but yet he still managed to find fun in killing people for no reason. When he was in his mid-teens, his parents split, but Jeffrey still remained close to his parents. After the killings, people said that Jeffrey reacted this way because of his parents’ divorce. I do not agree with that at all. Most households don’t have both parents, but that doesn’t mean that the kids grow up to be serial killers. After doing research on Jeffrey, his parents said that he always found fun in killing; he would kill small animals as a child. His parents just…...

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