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Does One Who Kills Deserve to Die

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Does one who kills another deserve to die?

Does One Who Kills Another Deserve to Die?
“Don’t get mad, get even” It’s a common rule in a heartless society. But is it right? Thomas Hobbes stated that human beings are fearful of and hostile to one another, they resent the least detriment to themselves; to their bodies, their property, their liberty or opportunities, their pride or their reputation”. (Lisa H. Newton 2004 p. 59) Under certain circumstances there are reasons why one who kills another deserves to die and there are reasons why they don’t deserve to die. There are many different philosophic views on this topic. For example; a subject that brings much debate, should an insane person that kills be killed? Retributivists say that “since he did not know what he was doing, he did not intend the crime, does not deserve to be punished” (Lisa H. Newton 2004 pg. 61.

Circumstances in which a killer would deserve to die | Circumstances in which a killer would not deserve to die | * Killing someone out of hate; simply saying I just want them to be dead * Jealousy; can’t control yourself so decide to murder. It can be attention seekers, wives, husbands etc. * Money * Breaking up, divorce; For example: John Barnes stabbed his wife because she broke off their engagement. * Rapists * Pedophiles * child murderers * serial killers * racism | * Standing up for his own country; army * Psychological issues * “Accidently” ex; hitting someone with a car, a sober car accident * Defending him/herself |

Some qualities of a killer; a higher percentage of serial killers are males, their families often have criminal, psychiatric and alcoholic histories, they are commonly abused as children; psychologically, physically and sexually. Many serial killers spend time in institutions as children and have records of early psychiatric problems. In the…...

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