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Tuan Nguyen 800225562 Discussion Paper 2 Compared with the past, divorce laws are fairly liberal in the U.S. That is, it is fairly easy to get a divorce. Please evaluate this. Specifically. What is good about this? Who benefits? I think this benefit’s both the couple and the government. The government gets money for the processing fee and the couple gets to get on with their lives. What is bad about this? Who suffer? This is bad because it will create a trend for the future generation. It will soon become a norm. People will not take marriage as serious as they use to. The children suffers the most from divorces. They are left be either with their mother or their father. If they are lucky, both of their parents will try to work it out where they can see both of them. If they aren’t, they will grow up with a single parents. This will affect how they grow up to be as an adult. Do you think divorce should be made more difficult? Easier? About as difficult as it is now? Why? I think the divorce laws should made easier. It is our right to marry and divorce anyone when we want to. The government can’t tell us when we can divorce with someone. I think we should be able to get an instant divorce, no waiting time. What other changes could we make to lower the divorce rate? A good way to keep the divorce rate low is to educate couples before they get married about commitment. There should be free classes to help couples who are…...

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