Diversity Considerations

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Diversity Considerations

Written by: Angel R Kolstedt
July 23rd, 2014

Abstract Influence from ones culture, on attitudes, values, perception, human behavior, and spiritual interpersonal relations is the basis behind why there is diversity in society. Through ones upbringing or societies views or even ones culture are all factors that are promoting cultural diversity. Through research and education though public safety can enhance their evaluation of information to better help those in society who may need their assistance and stop the stereotyping or even bring down some of the diversity in society.

Diversity Considerations Cultures often can have a drastic influence upon attitudes, values, perception, human behavior and interpersonal relations. Such as with a person’s attitude this can be something that they are programmed with from early childhood that they have to have nothing but the most recent name brand and highest dollar clothing to be accepted in society or be someone. If they don’t they are apt to downed and judged for not fitting in. Another form of this is the clicks in schools such as the preps, the geeks, the hoods, or just the jocks.
This is where the person’s values, perceptions, human behavior and interpersonal relations come to truly be seen. Through their culture one is showing that due to someone’s income, they can not afford the nicer things and then assume that, that person is not worthy of a chance to get to know them or they cant be trusted. These are all influenced by either their family models, society or even sometimes those who are around the person daily and can impact that person. However, through the person’s culture it can also be frowned upon if they are with another race, social levels or social class, political level, economic level, spiritual level. In some cultures it is not accepted to be around or involved…...

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