Diabetes a Silent Killer

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Diabetes a silent killer; Diabetes affects 20.8 million people in the United States alone and unfortunately, 6.2 million people in the United State are unaware that they have this disease. (CDC, 2007) Until they do, they have already developed life-threatening complications. According to the CDC the rates of Diabetes Type II are rising so quickly that they have declared the disease an epidemic. Complications may include blindness, kidney disease, nerve disease, heart and vascular disease and strokes."Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness, kidney failure, and leg amputations. In fact, it is the third leading cause of death in the United States." (Magee, 1999 p. 2) There are three main types of diabetes--Type I, which affects primarily the younger population; Type II, which primarily affects the population above 40; and gestational diabetes, which affects women during the third trimester of their pregnancy. Some causes of diabetes are heredity, being overweight, and problems with beta cells, which are located in the pancreas.
Type II diabetes is most commonly seen in adults (another name for the disease is Adult Onset Diabetes). However, with poor diet, nutrition and lack of exercise there are and increasing number of children and adolescents developing type II diabetes. Diabetes mellitus type II is a metabolic disorder in which the cells in the body do not recognize and ignore the insulin produced. Insulin is a type of hormone that converts sugar, starches, and other types of foods into the energy that humans need every day. (CDC, 2007) Insulin is needed for the body to metabolize glucose for the body’s energy needs. Without glucose, cells can literally starve.
Diabetes results when there is a high level of sugar in the blood for an extended period of time. This high level of sugar is a result of either not enough insulin or cells ignoring the insulin that is…...

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