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целый вордовский док с названием "день лени"

http://hatewall.ru/angry - писать/ читать стену ненависти

http://www.pichacks.com/ - уродовать себя и дико ржать

http://www.pictriev.com/facedb/fs2.php - узнавать свой пол и возраст

http://www.makemebabies.com/ - делать детей

1. http://button.dekel.ru/ - волшебная кнопка) 2. http://ru.akinator.com/ - угадывает почти всех) 3. http://wvs.topleftpixel.com/flash/cntower_timelaps... - день ноочь*__* 4. http://open.adaptedstudio.com/html5/many-lines/ind... - что то типо рисовалки. ну мне нравится 5. http://www.pixelcase.com.au/vr/2009/newyork/ - нажимаем Tours from Above внизу странички, выбираем город, смотрим на него сверху 6. http://www.rivelazioni.com/flash/_deliri/rivelazio... - поводи мышкой 7. http://csworld.fatal.ru/oblomov.html - ахах, нахрен. 8. http://statly.ru/red.html - кто сколько продержится 9. http://oxcom.anarxi.st/chpok.swf - лопать пузырики 10. http://61226.com/share/hk.swf - вот

11. http://open.adaptedstudio.com/html5/bounce-fill2/ - меня успокаивает 12. http://open.adaptedstudio.com/life/#play - смысл правда не совсем поняла 13. http://adaptedstudio.com/sketch/physics/ - бред 14. http://adaptedstudio.com/sketch/airship/ - бред 2 15. http://open.adaptedstudio.com/basicjs/2-distance-e... - __ 16. http://open.adaptedstudio.com/hunting_arrows/ - стрелки бегают. 17. http://adaptedstudio.com/sketch/eat/ - пакет поедатель 18. http://soytuaire.labuat.com/ - нравится 19. http://www.maninthedark.com/ - человек, плавающий за курсором 20. http://andrew-hoyer.com/experiments/cloth/ 21. http://thisissand.com/ - песоок 22. http://www.procreo.jp/labo/flower_garden.swf - цветыы. 23. http://www.cesmes.fi/#balls2 - с картинкой в конце. 24. http://handsonlycpr.org/symphony/?id - музыка рук. 24. http://www.ellf.ru/nem/letomer/ - сколько осталось до лета 25.…...

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...published (abbreviated and italicized), year, and sequence number or page and paragraph referenced: Hof Amsterdam 7 december 1995, NJ 1996, 12. Pres. Rb. ‘s-Hertogenbosch 16 juli 1982, NJCM-Bulletin 1982, p. 334. If the decision has not been published, provide the court’s docket number: Hof Amsterdam 8 december 1995, rolnr. 95/345. If possible, cite other relevant information such as the location of the holding or the name of the Attorney-General: HR 23 september 1994, NJ 1996, r.o. 35 (concl. A-G Hartkamp). 123 3.1 Courts Ordinary Jurisdiction Courts include: High Court: Hoge Raad (HR) Appeals Court: Gerechtshof (Hof ) First Instance Court: Arrondissementsrechtbank (Rb. ) Court of First Instance for minor cases: Kantongerecht (Ktg. ) Military Court of Appeals: Hoog Militair Gerechtshof (HMG ) Court martial: Krijgsraad (Kr.) Special Jurisdiction Courts include: High Administrative Court: Afdeling Rechtspraak van de Raad van State (Adf. Rechtspr.) Special Court of Appeals: Centrale Raad van Beroep (CRvB) Social Security Court: Raad van Beroep (Sociale Verzekering) (RvB) Civil Service Court: Ambtenarengerecht (Ambt.) Public Trade Appeals Court: College van Beroep voor het Bedrijfsleven (CBB) Tax Court: Tariefcommisie (Tar. Comm.) 3.2 Reports The most common jurisprudential reporters (and abbreviations) are: The main publisher of Supreme Court and other relevant lower court cases: Nederlandse Jurisprudentie (NJ) Decisions by administrative agencies:......

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...that the bearer of a TGS ticket really is who he or she claims to be. To start a session, Alice sits down at an arbitrary public workstation and types her name. The workstation sends her name to the AS in plaintext, as shown in Fig. 8-42. What comes back is a session key and a ticket, KTGS(A, KS), intended for the TGS. These items are packaged together and encrypted using Alice's secret key, so that only Alice can decrypt them. Only when message 2 arrives does the workstation ask for Alice's password. The password is then used to generate KA in order to decrypt message 2 and obtain the session key and TGS ticket inside it. At this point, the workstation overwrites Alice's password to make sure that it is only inside the workstation for a few milliseconds at most. If Trudy tries logging in as Alice, the password she types will be wrong and the workstation will detect this because the standard part of message 2 will be incorrect. Figure 8-42. The operation of Kerberos V4. After she logs in, Alice may tell the workstation that she wants to contact Bob the file server. The workstation then sends message 3 to the TGS asking for a ticket to use with Bob. The key element in this request is KTGS(A, KS), which is encrypted with the TGS's secret key and used as proof that the sender really is Alice. The TGS responds by creating a session key, KAB, for Alice to use with Bob. Two versions of it are sent back. The first is encrypted with only KS, so Alice can read it. The second is...

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Credit Risk Management of Dhaka Bank Limted

... |56-57 | Chapter : 1 Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study The subject of foreign exchange is rather difficult one. For it is highly technical and strictly governed by regulations which change frequently. During the last two decades, there has been turmoil in the field of international money market resulting in various changes in international monetary system; even now changes are made off and on. This report deals with the precise theory and practice of foreign exchange with a limited study of foreign exchange operation of Dhaka Bank Limited, Khatungonj Branch. Dealings in Foreign Exchange in one of the main activities of the bank’s Treasury Division. As the DBL Ktg Branch deals in both import & export business, this report will concentrate its discussions on those practices which are related with import & export business. 1.2 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY This report has been prepared aiming to describe the following: • The basics of Foreign Exchange • Import procedures • Export procedures • Details of documentary credit • Securitization, lodgment and retirement of L/C • Post Import Financing • Exchange Rate determination • Financial results summary on foreign business. 1.3 Methodology The internship program was basically executed by observing the daily activities of the officers and working......

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...attending Sullivan have access to numerous federal and state student financial aid programs. As directed by the U.S. Department of Education, federal funds are allotted to the lowest income families first, but funds are also available for middle- and upper-income families. Federal Pell Grants Eligibility and need are determined by the Pell Grants Division of the U.S. Department of Education. The Federal Pell Grant provides federal funds to all eligible students. Applications are available through high school counselors, Sullivan University, or online at www.fafsa.ed.gov. Repayment is not required. Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG) The Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority awards Kentucky Tuition Grants to eligible students who are enrolled in a degree program. The student must be attending full-time and be a resident of Kentucky. The KTG is based on availability of funds. Repayment is not required. William D. Ford Federal Direct Student Loans College Access Program Grants (CAP) Low interest loans for students are available through the Direct Student Loan Program. Under this Direct Loan program, the federal government makes loans directly to students and parents through schools. Once a Direct Loan is made, it is managed and collected by the U.S. Department of Education’s Direct Loan Servicing Center. Kentucky students with proven need may qualify for CAP grants. Amounts are determined by the Kentucky Higher......

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Analyzing Jamaica as a Crisis Area in the World (in Hungarian)

... | |Haderő |2 830 |49 000 |1:17,31 | |Védelmi ktg. vetés/fő |37,44 |Csak védelmi kiadás |? | |Arány |1:99,42143904 | Jamaica – Haiti | |Jamaica |Haiti |Arány | |Terület (km2) |10 991 |27 750 |1:2,52 | |Népesség |2 804 332 |8 924 553 |1:3,18 | |GDP/fő |7 400 |1 300 |5,69:1 | |Haderő |2 830 |Nincs aktív hadereje |? | |Védelmi ktg. vetés/fő |37, 44 |Nincs védelmi ktg. vetés |? | |Arány |5,69:8,0136 ...

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...a}slNks ;~rfnsn] pkbkmf -#_ sf] cj:yfdf afx]s ;~rfns ;ldltsf] a}7sdf efu lng / dtbfg ug{ ;Sg] 5}g . **= ;~rfns x'gsf] lgldQ lng' kg]{ z]o/ M s'g} sDkgLsf] ;~rfns lgo'Qm x'gsf] lgldQ ;f] sDkgLsf] lgodfjnLdf s'g} z]o/ ;+ Vof tf]lsPsf] eP ;f]adf]lhdsf] z] o/ ;~rfns x'g ] JolQmn] lnPsf] x'g' kg]{5 . To;/L gtf]lsPsf]d f sDtLdf Ps ;o z] o/ lnPsf] x'g' kg]{5 . t/ bkmf *^ sf] pkbkmf -#_ tyf bkmf *& sf] pkbkmf -@_ adf]lhd lgo'Qm x'g ] ;~rfnsn] To:tf] z] o/ lng' cfjZos x'g] 5}g . *(= ;~rfnssf] kbdf lgo'Qm x'g jf axfn /xg g;Sg] cj:yf M -!_ b]xfosf s'g} JolQm ;~rfnssf] kbdf lgo'Qm x'g ;Sg] 5}g M– -s_ -v_ -u_ -3_ klAns sDkgLsf] xsdf PSsfO; jif{ pd]/ gk' u]sf], duh lau|]sf] jf ax' nfPsf], bfdf;fxLdf k/L kfF r jif{sf] cjlw k"/f gePsf], e|i6frf/ jf g}lts ktg b]lvg] cGo s;"/df ;hfo kfPsf] , t/ k|fOe]6 sDkgL eP To:tf] ;hfo e'Qmfg ePsf] ldltn] tLg jif{ k"/f gePsf], -ª_ s'g} k|sf/sf] rf]/ L, 7uL, sLt]{ jf cfˆgf] lhDdfsf] wgdfn cglws[t tj/n] df;]sf] jf b'?kof]u u/]sf] cleof]udf s;"/bf/ 7x/L ;hfo e'Qmfg ePsf] tLg jif{ k"/f gePsf], -r_ ;DalGwt sDkgLsf] Joj;fo jf s'g} 7]Ssf k§f jf sf/f]af/df s'g} k|sf/sf] lghL :jfy{ ePsf] , 53 -5_ ;dfg p2]Zo ePsf] csf]{ s'g} sDkgLsf] ;~rfns, cfwf/e"t z]o/wgL, sd{rf/L, n]vfk/LIfs jf ;Nnfxsf/ kbdf axfn /x]sf] jf To:tf] sDkgLdf s'g} klg k|sf/sf] lghL :jfy{ ePsf] , t/ Pp6f k| fOe]6 sDkgLsf] To:tf] JolSt ;dfg p2]Zo ePsf] csf{] k|fOe]6 sDkgLdf ;~rfns x'g ;Sg] 5 . -h_ ;DalGwt sDkgLnfO{ /sd a'emfpg afFsL /x]sf] 7x/ ePsf] cj:yfdf To:tf] z]o/wgL, -em_ bkmf......

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...survey revealed that 63% of respondents wanted the FDA to implement a formal definition. 11 Less than 1% of respondents believed that the FDA’s 1993 guidance was sufficient. 12 The ambiguity of the “natural” claim, coupled with its significance to consumers, has resulted in controversy over its use. This essay argues that a formal and uniform rule adopted and enforced by the FDA and USDA that defines “natural” would benefit consumers and food producers. 6. FMI conducts programs in public affairs, food safety, research, education and industry relations on behalf of its 1,500 food retailers and wholesalers in the United States and around the world. See generally http://www.fmi.org/. 7. Natural and Organic Foods , F OOD M KTG . I NST . (2008), http://www.fmi.org/docs/media- backgrounder/natural_organic_foods.pdf?sfvrsn=2. 8. Lorraine Heller, ‘Natural’ Will Remain Undefined, Says FDA , F OOD N AVIGATOR -USA (Jan. 4, 2008), http://www.foodnavigator-usa.com/Financial-Industry/Natural-will-remain-undefined-says-FDA. 9. , Citizen Petition re Definition of the term “Natural” for making claims on foods and beverages regulated by FDA , S UGAR A SS ’ N 8-9 (Feb. 28, 2006), http://www.cspinet.org/new/pdf/sugar_fda_petition.pdf [hereinafter Sugar Ass’n Petition ]. 10. Elaine Watson, Poll Results: We Need a Clearer Definition of Natural... and the FDA Should Come Up With It , F OOD N AVIGATOR -USA (Nov. 7, 2011),......

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...kmb kmc kmd kme kmf kmg kmh kmi kmj kmk kml kmm kmn kmo kmp kmq kmr kms kmt kmu kmv kmw kmx kmy kmz kna knb knc knd kne knf kng knh kni knj knk knl knm knn kno knp knq knr kns knt knu knv knw knx kny knz koa kob koc kod koe kof kog koh koi koj kok kol kom kon koo kop koq kor kos kot kou kov kow kox koy koz kpa kpb kpc kpd kpe kpf kpg kph kpi kpj kpk kpl kpm kpn kpo kpp kpq kpr kps kpt kpu kpv kpw kpx kpy kpz kqa kqb kqc kqd kqe kqf kqg kqh kqi kqj kqk kql kqm kqn kqo kqp kqq kqr kqs kqt kqu kqv kqw kqx kqy kqz kra krb krc krd kre krf krg krh kri krj krk krl krm krn kro krp krq krr krs krt kru krv krw krx kry krz ksa ksb ksc ksd kse ksf ksg ksh ksi ksj ksk ksl ksm ksn kso ksp ksq ksr kss kst ksu ksv ksw ksx ksy ksz kta ktb ktc ktd kte ktf ktg kth kti ktj ktk ktl ktm ktn kto ktp ktq ktr kts ktt ktu ktv ktw ktx kty ktz kua kub kuc kud kue kuf kug kuh kui kuj kuk kul kum kun kuo kup kuq kur kus kut kuu kuv kuw kux kuy kuz kva kvb kvc kvd kve kvf kvg kvh kvi kvj kvk kvl kvm kvn kvo kvp kvq kvr kvs kvt kvu kvv kvw kvx kvy kvz kwa kwb kwc kwd kwe kwf kwg kwh kwi kwj kwk kwl kwm kwn kwo kwp kwq kwr kws kwt kwu kwv kww kwx kwy kwz kxa kxb kxc kxd kxe kxf kxg kxh kxi kxj kxk kxl kxm kxn kxo kxp kxq kxr kxs kxt kxu kxv kxw kxx kxy kxz kya kyb kyc kyd kye kyf kyg kyh kyi kyj kyk kyl kym kyn kyo kyp kyq kyr kys kyt kyu kyv kyw kyx kyy kyz kza kzb kzc kzd kze kzf kzg kzh kzi kzj kzk kzl kzm kzn kzo kzp kzq kzr kzs kzt kzu kzv kzw kzx kzy kzz laa lab lac lad lae laf lag lah lai laj lak lal......

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...[Type text] Running Head: LEADERSHIP Leadership at KTG Heba Gouda ID: 867223 Chifley Business School Leadership Executive Summary 2 The general goals of this task are to empower a vital repair to KTG local circumstance and to connection managerial as so as authority rationalities with Operational Review Report, to work out and to create the brilliance of the procurement consented to the district. The distinct aspiration is to identify, build & evaluate agent rehearses for consolidated utilized so that the laborers capacity for engagement created. To approach and propose this circumstance and to create a compelling administration general approach a compound of speculations were taken in attention. The technique to encourage the normal difficulties went up against in this task is a mix of old method for managing, in addition to another system endorsed to be basically proper in managing such awful circumstance. To start with thing first is to get all workers inspired, and this is carried out by numerous ways that is bringing in thought with the distinctive approaches to fulfill the needs of different human wishes and needs. What's more to wrap things up, comes the correspondence part; which is the connection to accomplish things the way it ought to be. Leadership 3 Table of Contents Executive Summary ........................................................................................................................ 2 The Role of the Leader ........

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...k|yfåf/f Ps ltxfOsf] b'O{ jif{, csf]{ Ps ltxfOsf] rf/ jif{ / afFsL Ps ltxfOsf] 5 jif{sf] x'g] u/L kbfjlw sfod ul/g]5 . -$_ of] ;+ljwfg k|f/De ePkl5 /fli6«o ;efsf ;b:osf] klxnf] k6s kbfjlw u0fgf ubf{ /fli6«o ;efsf] k|yd a}7s a;]sf] lbgaf6 ;Dk"0f{ ;b:ox¿sf] kbfjlw k|f/De ePsf] dflgg]5 . -%_ /fli6«o ;efsf] l/Qm x'g cfpg] :yfgsf] k"lt{ To:tf] :yfg l/Qm ug]{ ;b:osf] lgjf{rg jf dgf]gog h'g t/Lsfn] ePsf] lyof] ;f]xL t/Lsfn] aFfsL cjlwsf nflu ul/g]5 . -^_ /fli6«o ;efsf ;b:osf] lgjf{rg ;DaGwL cGo Joj:yf ;+3Lo sfg"g adf]lhd x'g]5 . *&= ;b:osf nflu of]Uotf M -!_ b]xfosf] of]Uotf ePsf] JolQm ;+3Lo ;+;bsf] ;b:o x'g of]Uo x'g]5 M– -s_ g]kfnsf] gful/s, -v_ k|ltlglw ;efsf nflu kRrL; jif{ / /fli6«o ;efsf nflu k}+tL; jif{ pd]/ k"/f ePsf], -u_ g}lts ktg b]lvg] kmf}hbf/L s;"/df ;hfo gkfPsf], -3_ s'g} ;+3Lo sfg"gn] cof]Uo gePsf], / -ª_ s'g} nfesf] kbdf axfn g/x]sf] . :ki6Ls/0f M o; v08sf] k|of]hgsf nflu ænfesf] kbÆ eGgfn] lgjf{rg jf dgf]gogåf/f k"lt{ ul/g] /fhgLlts kb afx]s ;/sf/L sf]ifaf6 kfl/>lds jf cfly{s ;'ljwf kfpg] cGo kb ;Demg' k5{ . 45 -@_ s'g} klg JolQm Ps} k6s b'j} ;bgsf] ;b:o x'g ;Sg] 5}g . -#_ lgjf{rg, dgf]gog jf lgo'lQm x'g] /fhgLlts kbdf axfn /x]sf]] JolQm o; efu adf]lhd ;+3Lo ;+;bsf] ;b:o kbdf lgjf{lrt jf dgf]gLt ePdf ;+3Lo ;+;bsf] ;b:o kbsf] zky u|x0f u/]sf] lbgb]lv lghsf] To:tf] kb :jtM l/Qm x'g]5 . **= zky M ;+3Lo ;+;bsf] k|To]s ;bgsf ;b:on] ;bg jf To;sf] s'g} ;ldltsf] a}7sdf klxnf] k6s efu lng' cl3 ;+3Lo sfg"g adf]lhd zky lng' kg]{5 . *(=......

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Dcn Intro Besic Knodlage

...to obtain tickets for different real servers. Real Server. The real server (Bob) provides services for the user (Alice). Kerberos is designed for a client/server program such as FTP, in which a user uses the client process to access the server process. Kerberos is not used for person-to-person authentication. Operation A client process (Alice) can access a process running on the real server (Bob) in six steps as shown in Figure 31.22. o o Step 1. Alice sends her request to AS in plaintext, using her registered identity. Step 2. AS sends a message encrypted with Alice's symmetric key KA- The message contains two items: a session key Ks that is used by Alice to contact TGS and a ticket for TGS that is encrypted with the TGS symmetric key KTG . Alice does not know KA , but when the message arrives, she types her symmetric password. The password and the appropriate algorithm together create KA if the password is correct. The password is then immediately destroyed; it is not sent to the network, and it does SECTION 31.7 Figure 31.22 KEY MANAGEMENT 985 Kerberos example - Server (Bob) AS Alice i TGS = i u::::u::u E:=l ~iii.!!!!!! 1--1"" .. '" I 1I;IIf----------- ~B c'0lice, K l:2] ~KB I AB I-------·~I 1+---------1 f&ful---------·~~I: o o o o not stay in the terminal. It is only used for a moment to create KA- The process now uses KA to decrypt the message sent. Both Ks and the ticket are extracted. Step 3. Alice now sends three items to TGS. The first......

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...organization. The popular saying ‘the buck stops here’ is derived from this idea- someone in the organization must ultimately be responsible for every decision. Span of Management (or Span of Control) How many people report to a particular manager. For years managers and researches sought to determine the optimal span of management as to whether it should be relatively narrow or wide. However there is no ideal or optimal span of management. National Bank Limited: Establishing Reporting Relationship: Reporting relationship can be best described by the following diagram- AMD RM(Rajshahi) Manager Manager Manager Manager RM(Khulna) Head of SOD DMD Head of CAD Head of CRM DMD DMD Manager(Pah) Manager(Ktg) Manager(Agr) Head of MB Head of Card Manager(n) Manager(Utt) Manager(Dil) RM(Dhaka) RM(Ctg) Head of IT Head of FAD DMD Head of HRD CEO National Bank Limited follows tall organizational structure from top to bottom, but branch operation is seemed as a flat structural orientation as no. of employees and chain of command is limited no need for tall hierarchy. Reporting relationship mainly establish the accountability within an organization. Each employee is responsible for his activities to his superior to facilitate the reporting relationship. In the lower-level, operating employees are responsible to the branch manager. Person seat in the account desk, must report to the manager about the present day’s......

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Internship Report on Dhaka Bank

...FOCUS OF THE REPORT This report highlights the theoretical as well as practical background of foreign exchange. As the DBL Ktg Branch deals with Import Business as well Export Business, this report will focus on import & export business mechanisms of foreign exchange. Initially this report will make a brief highlight on the overall Dhaka Bank Limited (DBL) & its Khatungonj (Ktg) Branch. Then it will discuss the basics of foreign exchange, means and methods for settlement of International trade, Import procedures, Details of documenting credit, exchange rate determination and financial statistics on foreign exchange business. In the end, the report will enclose an appendix, which will show the various financial results’ summary of the DBL Ktg Branch. I hope the report will achieve its ultimate objective. SAIDUL ALAM ACKNOWLEDGEMENT I have the pleasure to express my gratitude to the Almighty Allah (SWT) for giving me opportunity to complete my BBA course, internship Program and finally to Prepare this report. First and foremost, I hold the pleasure to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Mohd. Mujibul Quader, the honorable Vice President & Manager of DBL, Ktg. Branch for allowing me to conduct my internship in his prestigious bank. I sincerely acknowledge the helps and suggestions of all the executives and officials of the DBL, Ktg. Branch without whose helps my internship program would have not been possible. I am mentioning some names of officials who......

Words: 9396 - Pages: 38