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This is basically a few tips on how to optimize your benefits from using Google Admob to advertise mobile apps and games.

Having tried this for a while now, making some small and big mistakes, wasting some money along the way, I just felt like sharing my experience.

-Admob is no doubt a very good tool for campaigning mobile apps and games especially on android platform.

1. Target to run your first campaign within same month your app goes live. This makes the most impact as apps are well featured in strategic places on the appstore within the first month of launch.

2. Be dynamic, do not just set up the campaign and leave it, watch it and make corrections as the campaign rolls on.

3. For a start, you can publish the campaign in all countries and territories, and as you progress and your app gets downloads, you can then try selecting target countries.

4. Do some research to find out popularity of your app or service in those countries – check on how similar apps and services have fared in those places.

5. Some countries are generally good when it comes to free and paid apps. They give good ads revenue on free apps and also do well in downloading paid apps, number one on this list is USA and also countries like Turkey, Germany, Spain and Italy have been good to me.

6. Monitor your campaigns periodically. It is good to check on the campaigns at least once a day (daily report) if you have the time. This way you can update the countries and cities, remove the non-performing and add new ones, and even update the ad image and message once in a while. This ensures that your ads are kept exciting and users click through.(improve your CTR).

7. Be careful with funds. Ad campaigns can turn out to be an expensive venture especially with the new payment models introduced by Google recently which collects funds directly from your Credit/debit card directly.…...

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