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Dental Hygiene

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How stressed were the second years on the day of Mock board? Even tough I was not taking the exam; I started to feel stressed for some odd reason. Increasing stress levels started early on and I witnessed it from the beginning. I was assigned to be in the front office. All the second years were there early in the morning with their patients in the waiting area. I helped greet all the patients. The clinicians were reviewing all the documents, took vitals and explained to their patients what was going to happen during the exam.
Some of the clinicians were stressed out because their patients did not show up. I called them several times and some patients did not answer. At that moment I knew exactly how important it is to have a back up patient. I did not get to see what was happening during the examination time since most of the time I was in front office. I tried to go back to help out. However, I did hear that some clinicians did not have the correct set up because they thought everything was in the cassette when they sterilized it. There is no room for “thought” at an exam.
It’s crucial to follow directions given by the instructors. Check, double check, triple check everything. Some forms were not filled out correctly according to the criteria so the patients got rejected. There were specifics about probing the exact quadrant that you are going to scale, not the entire mouth. They had to complete dental charting as well in that quadrant. At the end, all of the data would be calibrated. It was interesting to see all the patients having assigned numbers instead of their names.
I enjoyed being a part of the Mock Board. At least I got a feel for some do’s and don’t on such an important day which can significantly reduce stress…...

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