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Deja Vineyards Recommendations

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Ceja Vineyards Recommendations

There are many different routes the Ceja Vineyards can go that may be beneficial to the company. I came up with a few options.

Option 1: The target group that will be marketed towards is the Generation Y and Millennial group. Use of the Internet and social media will be used to promote the company as well as draw in new customers who are excited about the business. This group of people may be a little bit price sensitive, making it difficult to find the perfect price and bring in as many people as possible. Option 2: The focus can be on expanding the loyalty and membership benefits of the current program. There has been steady growth and an increasing demand. One downfall of this is that there will be deals, discounts, and promotions, which will drop the price of wine and limit the amount of money being taken in. Also, the current members do not fit under one certain demographic, so it’s tough to do the research needed. It will be very difficult to measure the certain statistics needed to really understand if this is the best option. Option 3: Wine lovers and connoisseurs are the target market. This can be done by offering the same lines of wine that these people usually buy. Since this group of people is not price sensitive, there will not need to be a drop in price or deals and discounts in order to draw them in. To spread the word, they can promote using the internet and social media, highlighting the unique experience that customers get when going into their store.

I feel that option 3 is the best option due to the fact that wine lovers are not price sensitive, they are grouped so that it will not be difficult to do research on them, and they pretty much check off every box that Ceja Vineyards has when evaluating their…...

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