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My story begin summer of 1945: my father was a young soldier just freshly shipped in from New york state to join a crew of support personnel for the Tuskegee Airman. James B. Simpson and my mom met and married while he was in alabama. i was born on a hot sweltin june day, in those times babies were delivered by midwife's or older member of the family, in my case we were lucky enough my grandma maggie's, cousin was midwife Vester Webb who like to take a sip of her medicine. news travel faster than water over them hills, some neighbors from across the creek told my cousins Jimmy Lee, mary Alice, and mary Lee who was 9-10 years old, that my mothers had the baby which was me, they came running to name the baby Betty Jean... it an't happening Ha Ha. I had already been named. the first crisis was the midwife forgot the sterlizing drop in my eyes after a few days of crustation, a mad dash, on a rigdy old wagon with a swayback bowleg mule we made our way over gravel roads to the only doctor in elmore that would take colored patients, if mama hadn't got me there that day i would have been blind, to this day i have none fixable eye problems. well that wasn't my last problem.
I grew up spending most summers with my grand mother maggie, and her sister aunt ada. aunt ada was a flapper that spent her young years in new york city, and from what i got from the story my greatgrandfather Shady Daniels was from a well to do family of the high yellow kind, all 10 of the daniel children was given approx 25 acres of property to build homes or to do as they pleased, well aunt ada sold hers quickly, and moved to new york as a young woman, she married several times enjoyed her life , and never had children. aunt ada return home to live with my grandma maggie and most of the time they did not see eye to eye. I think my granny was a bit jealous of the life and fun places, and…...

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