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Consent Letter
You are being asked to participate in a research study conducted by Cuong Vo an undergraduate at the University of Long Beach. You are selected as a possible participant in this study because you are eligible due to living within the community.
Purpose of the study: The Purpose of the study is to find out whether or not Wal- is beneficial for the communities. The research also explores if there are any negative or positive impact on the communities that you live in. The data from this research will be used to find out if there are positive or negative impact on communities from high corporate business like Wal mart.
Procedures: If you decide to participate in this study, I will ask you to do the following:
-I will ask for permission to interview the participant.
-I will also ask permission of the participant if I can record the following conversation and fill out a survey regarding to the research study.
- This study does not require any experiment.
- Length of time will take 5- 10 minutes of your time.
Compensation: There is no materialistic benefits for the involvement in the studies, but there are benefits to society that may result from this research
Potential Risks and Discomforts: Risks, discomforts, and inconvenience may occur if you are an employee at Wal- mart or have any relatives working there. If there are any worries, this issues will be manage because this information will be confidential and is for study only. The information received and learn from this study is to give the researcher a better understanding if Wal- Mart is beneficial to the communities.
Confidentiality and withdrawal: The response that you provide to the interviewer will be confidential and not be share with anyone else. The response that you provide will only go towards the study of the research. Your personal information will not be asked nor…...

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