Cyber Bullying: Reviewing Washington State Law Rcw 28a.300.285

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Cyber Bullying: Reviewing Washington State Law RCW 28A.300.285
Christopher Hinton
American Military University

Learning institutions require an environment that is conducive to learning and nurtures the absorption of knowledge. Moreover, children require a safe and secure space in order to learn and interact with their peers in a healthy, fit and supportive way. The foregoing cannot be achieved when activities involving bullying and harassment are tolerated and allowed to foster in an institution. The enactment of laws to control and manage the issue of harassment and school bullying is therefore an essential tool to stop these actions from occurring at schools. Law is a critical element when it comes to remedying the problems being faced by society. The importance of this law is also evident in the fact that children need to be protected since their future livelihood depends largely on the environment they are subjected to on a daily basis. Secure and civil surroundings in school are indispensable needs for pupils to pursue education and attain a high level of academic success. Moreover harassment, threats, or maltreatment, like other disrupting or aggressive manners, is a demeanor that interferes with both a student's ability to learn and a school's ability to instruct and teach its students in a protected environment. In addition, students learn and understand by example. It is therefore important to ensure that what children learn in school is not subjecting them to acquiring the problems associated with harassment or bullying (Nansel, 2003). There has been a legislative finding to the effect that notwithstanding a standard law prohibiting and discouraging harassment, intimidation, and bullying of pupils in public schools and even though there has been a wide approval of anti-harassment structures by school districts, students continue…...

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...this is called bullying. Many teens kill themselves over a situation such as this. 500,000 teenagers try to commit suicide and only 5,000 actually succeed ( There are many types of bullying but, the most common form of bullying, that is on the rise, is Cyber bullying. “Cyber bullying is the number one cause of suicide” ( Not only does bullying affect the victim but the victim's family as well. Bullying is negatively affecting the United States today. One way Cyber bullying is negatively affecting the United States today is academically. “Cyber bullying is when a child, adolescent or young adult bullies, harasses or repeatedly threatens one of their peers electronically through email, instant messages, blogging, text messages and Web Sites dedicated to humiliating another child” (How Is Cyber Bullying Affecting Your Kids). Cyber bullying does not affect the child only personally but academically. A person with an unstable home will most likely not be able to focus on their work in the classroom. Stress is put upon that person and so they have many other things on their mind instead of their classwork. When writing papers, one may try to avoid using the computer, to keep themselves from getting hate emails, messages or tweets. “The person being bullied grades will start to lower, “because their lack of confidence will prevent them from contributing and asking questions in class”(How Is Cyber Bullying Affecting Your Kids). Cyber bullying can......

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