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12, Engr. Kitchener Street,

Off Gyado Hospital Road, Gboko



A graduate of psychology, seeking to build a career in human relations and human resource management, reliable, trust worthy, and ability to understand human beings, work effectively in a team and independently and a very good listener.


Date of Birth: 27th June, 1985

Sex: Male

Marital Status: Single


Excellent communication skills.

Good with computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Internet and Installation of Software.

Ability to work without supervision.

Time conscious.

Hardworking and reliable.

A very good listener


Benue State University

BS.c Psychology 2011

Second Class Division

Mount Saint Gabriel’s Secondary School Makurdi

West African Senior School Certificate 2002

Gboko International Nursery and Primary school, Gboko

First School Leaving Certificate 1996


Whispering Palm Breeze

Manager 2005

Over saw all the activities and purchases that were made.

Prepared and maintained the record of all purchases and sold drinks

Government Girls’ Science School, Garaku 2012

Geography teacher and coordinator Tiv students (NYSC YEAR)


Community Development Service Chairman 2012

Held sensitization on HIV/AIDS campaign and testing in the schools around the community.


Microsoft Windows, Internet, Microsoft Word and Software installation.



Peer Educators training


I.C.T training


Reading, Dancing, and Meeting People.


Mr. Iorsalem Daniel

H.O.D Business Administration Department,

Fidei polytechnic, Gboko

Benue State.


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