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Customer Relation Management

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Date: 26 August 2014
Assignment Topic: Customer Relationship Management
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Introduction Customer Relationship Management is a business organization that aims to understand and anticipate the customer’s needs and wants by using technology to enhance the company business. Customer Relationship Management is a business strategic that continue to build the long term customer and company profit value by targeting and refining customer needs while reducing cost and increasing profit of the company. The article states how does the Singapore Airlines Company successfully gaining market share and sustaining profit in today’s fiercely competitive and economically demanding environment in the airline industry. And also, the following article will stated that how does the Singapore Airline putting their effort in building customer and how they may change or improve their future service to be competitive in the global market of Airline industry.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines founded in year 1947, as the Malayan Airways. Singapore Airlines is the global company that providing air transport with the highest quality of service standard. Singapore Airlines is one of the 5-starts rating company in global and local, it is a hub at Chang Airport and it has a strong presence in Asia, which including the Southeast Asia, South Asia, East Aisa and Australia Market. Singapore Airlines is now flies to 62 destinations in 35 countries on six continents from the hub in Singapore.

Singapore Airlines has launched customer of Airbus A380, it is the largest passenger aircraft in the world. By developing the customer consumer range, Singapore Airlines has expanded the business with different type of airline-related businesses, such as aircraft engineering and handling. It’s subsidized by Silk Air that managing…...

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