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Lord Baden Powell tested his theories in an Experimental Camp for Boys at Brownsea Island, England on July 29 to August 8, 1907.
Lord BP Robert Smith Baden Powell started Scouting for Boys in England in 1908. Lord BP married Lady Olave who became World Chief Guide.
1909. Some girls joined the Boys’ Rally at Crystal Place. Girls who wanted to join became Girls Guides under BP’s sister Agnes Baden Powell on May 1910.
They met Juliette Gordon Low who organized the USA Girl Scouts in 1912. 1918 GSUSA ROSE Troop in Davao was organized by Mrs. Gertrude Angur, wife of an American missionary in the Philippines.
1939 Josefa Llanes Escoda took training and observation tours in the USA and came home and conducted meetings and trainings.
On May 26, 1940, Josefa Llanes escoda and supporters had the GSP character under Commonwealth Act No. 542 signed into law by President Manuel Luis Quezon.
1941 – 1944 GS activities were suspended during World War II because of underground help to Filipino patriots, Mrs. Escoda was imprisoned and died under the enemy hands at Fort Santiago.
After the war in 1945 Elvira Llanes put back GSP on its feet.
GSP organization changes came with Presidential Decree 720 and Executive Order 682 by President Ferdinand E. Marcos and President Corazon C. Aquino.
In August 1948, GSP became a full member of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).
The Program of activities started with the GSUSA Eleven Program Fields. Maria Kalaw Katigbak, National President, filipinized into the Nine Program Emphases in 1968, when Miss Mariquita S. Castelo was National Executive Director.
It was enriched with the “Golden Opportunities” during the term of National President Helena Z Benitez and finally revised into the 9-Point Challenge under GSP National President, Milagros Araneta-Villasor during…...

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