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Far from being a passive mirror of society, advertising is an effective and pervasive medium of influence and persuasion, and its influence is cumulative, often subtle, and primarily unconscious [….] It is both creator and perpetuator of the dominant attitudes, values, and ideology of the culture, the social norms and myths by which most people govern their behavior. At the very least, advertising helps to create a climate in which certain attitudes and values flourish and others are not reflected at all. (Kilbourne 120-21)

As Jean Kilbourne notes in her article “’In Your Face . . . All Over the Place’: Advertising Is Our Environment,” advertising serves as a form of mediation that not only presents us with products and information, but also influences our behavior, our beliefs, and our choices. For this assignment, you will work to understand the messages advertisements send by analyzing an advertisement of your choice, keeping in mind the ploys that advertisers use to manipulate and exploit consumers. The important question here, as Kilbourne says, is not ‘Does this ad sell the product?,’ but rather ‘What else does this ad sell?’.

For this assignment, you will select one advertisement from a newspaper, magazine, or website that contains graphics and written text and analyze it according to the criteria that follow. Your reading of the assigned essays for this unit, our class discussion and activities, and your own personal experience with advertising will aid you in this assignment.

To Write Your Essay:

1. Be sure to describe the advertisement for your audience before you analyze it. Assume, here, that your audience is not looking at the ad and needs to know what it looks like, what it says, what it consists of, and where you found it.

2. Make…...

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