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Crm and Impact

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Executive summary
The organization information system is backbone of organizational operational and functional units, the malware can produce potential threat to organization image, the establishment of an effective security measures and reassessment of organizational risk management approaches in order to cater with latest implication trend in network security.
This report is based on literature review, analytical analysis of case studies, news articles magazines to highlight vulnerability and implication of malware attack to an organization, highlights the salient features of malware attack, malware attacks that can significantly hurt an enterprise information system, leading to serious functional commotions, can result into destructing the basic IT security up to identity theft, leakage of data, stealing private information, corporate information system blue prints, industrial white papers and networks break down.
The only constant in the world of technology is a change, report highlights the latest trends, dimension and implication of malware attack and new critical source of threats, within the perspective of constantly changing IT world (e.g. cloud services-integration) Enterprise may not effectively device and manage malware threat and 'risk assessment processes. This report highlight the malware propagation process, malware vulnerability, the types of malware, optimistic cost effective solution in order to minimize security risk for an Enterprise information systems. This Report highlights salient features for designing an effective security policies in order to proactively addressing malware threats issues as key elements within the organizational risk management approaches.
The major findings of this reports is to establish a security framework based on IS027001 to ensure minimum security breach, establishment physical security measures,…...

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