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Jeffrey Dahmer
AJ 63-Criminal Investigations
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The killing of three or more people, by the same individual, is considered serial killings. The murders are often committed with in days, weeks, months, or years apart. Most serial killers are afraid of being caught, and they take precautions in order to continue killing . Serial killers tend to murder strangers rather than people they know. Their victims normally have something in common such as age, race, educational background, gender, occupation, or facial features. Serial killers normally have an image of the perfect victim, but will sometimes settle for anyone, if he cannot find his preference. Victims who are from broken homes, runaways, prostitutes, and they who suffer from drug and alcohol abuse normally fall prey to serial killers. Serial murders sometimes share common characteristic; however, their approach to killing might differ. According to Fahui Wang, some serial killers are organized and others are disorganized. Some serial killers are very organized, and they plan their attacks with care; they tend to be very selective in choosing their victims, and oftentimes, follow the same patterns when committing a crime. Their crimes are planned in detail, and they involve various ways in which the murders will occur. Some serial killers normally know what sort of victim they are looking for, and where and when the murders should occur. On the other hand, disorganized killers are careless and sloppy. Their victims are chosen at random, and they tend to move on impulses and the instant need and self gratification to kill. Most serial killers murder their victims close to or at their residence. Ted Bundy,…...

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...Abstract: Jeffrey Dahmer (1960-1994), was born in Milwaukee to a well-educated father and mentally disabled mother. Dahmer had a normal childhood, except for the fact that he exhibited very antisocial behaviours and took on weird hobbies such as dissecting road kill. Just before graduating high school, Dahmer’s parents divorced, leaving Dahmer in the family home alone. Dahmer grew very fond alcohol. In June 1978 shortly after graduation Dahmer killed his first victim Stephen Hicks a fellow hitch hiker. The next year Dahmer dropped out of University after only one semester of being enrolled and went and joined the army, after his father convinced him to do so. After the army discharged Dahmer due to his alcoholism he went to live with his Grandmother. While living with his Grandmother, Dahmer took another victim Steven Touni. Dahmer killed altogether 17 male men mainly African American. In July 1991 Jeffrey was finally arrested and was sentenced to a total of fifteen life sentences. In 1994 Dahmer was murdered by fellow inmate Christopher Scarver. When discussing what may have driven Dahmer to behave in such a matter the following theories are examine; Weiss (1973) theory on loneliness, next was a theory on alcoholism described in Gifford (2009), and the last theory used is Erick Erickson’s identity development theory. A SERIAL KILLER CASE STUDY: JEFFREY DAHMER (1960-1994) Jeffrey Dahmer was born in the year of 1960, and was murdered by fellow inmate while incarcerated......

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