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Consultation Report Prepared By

Consultation Report Prepared By

This material is based upon work supported by Brenau HR Consultation Professionals. Any opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of Brenau HR Consultation Professionals, its employees or its administration.


I. Introduction 4 A. BHRCP – Disclaimer 2 B. BHRCP – About US 4 C. Purpose 4 D. Engineer Job Responsibilities 5

II. Circumstantial 5 A. Engineer’s Specific Occupation 5 B. Engineer’s Health Issues 6

III. ABC’s Dilemma 6 IV. Employment Regulations 7 A. Laws to Consider 7 B. American Disabilities Act (ADA) 10 C. Burden of Proof 11

V. Recommendations 12

VII. Conclusion 13

VIII. References & Acknowledgements 14

Brenau Human Resource Consultation Professional (BHRCP), is a full service human resources management consulting and professional services firm headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Our work is grounded in innovation, thought leadership, and performance excellence as we work in collaboration with clients to recruit, develop professionally, and retain employees. Our mission is to help ensure that each client’s workplace transforms from experiencing “good results” to achieving “great results.” Committed to an approach where the core of our values is customer service focused, we will help you get the right people in the right positions doing the right things to result in more successful outcomes. We are an Equal…...

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