Construct and Support an Argument

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Construct and Support an Argument Paper

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Construct and Support an Argument

A master’s of Business in Administration is a detailed study of business management. The MBA program holds personal, educational, and future value to furthering careers. Obtaining an MBA, does not just include knowledge of management and leadership skills, but a specific concentration of your choice can be added to the degree, as well. For example, my future profession will deal mainly with accounting, so I am pursing my MBA with a concentration of accounting. Many different benefits come with obtaining an MBA: better opportunities in the career industry, higher salaries, getting the upper hand with more experienced employees with no education, and personal gratification. According to the University of Phoenix Jungian Personality Self-Assessment Library (2007), I was evaluated as INTP. The “What’s My Jungian 16-Type Personality,” considered me as…socially cautious, enjoy problem solving, and highly conceptual. The possible career choices were plastic surgeon, software designer, psychoanalyst, private investigator, financial analyst, mathematical, photographer (University of Phoenix Jungian Personality Self-Assessment Library, 2007).

A higher education can only further your career with better opportunities in the workplace environment and increased salaries. More job opportunities will be available to those with educational experience. The MBA program will help with a better paying job because of the educational experience and the commitment invested in your future. Education is essential knowledge for the development of careers, like factual resources are needed for a research paper. In the workforce, competition from our colleagues is what makes a difference in who will get the next job opening.…...

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