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On the night of October 14, 2007, I attended my first concert. It was held at 6 o’clock p.m. on the Bluff at Henry George Park in Fairhope, AL. The concert was sponsored by the City of Fairhope and the Fairhope Single Tax Corporation. The concert featured music from the late Classical Era, the Romantic Era and the 20th Century Era. The Pops Band performed under conductors Randy Davis and Dr. Roger Jones.

The first two selections, The Star Spangled Banner and Strike Up the Band were both played in quadruple meter. Randy Davis conducted both pieces. The Star Spangled Banner was a bold and energetic arrangement. There were very few changes in dynamics. In Strike Up the Band there was a lot of energy. The trumpets, piccolo and snare drums had solos. The tempo changed many times during the piece. It started fast and bold then it slowed slightly in the middle and the ending was the same as the beginning.

Nobles of the Mystic Shrine brought us Dr. Roger Jones as the conductor. This piece had a Turkish sound and was played in duple meter. There were piccolo and trumpet solos and an overall fast tempo.

The fourth arrangement played was, A tribute to Stephen Foster, that was played in quadruple meter. There was a trumpet, flute, horn, and drum quartette that introduced a quick tempo and a loud opening. In the middle the tempo slowed and there is a huge change in dynamics. Where the piece started loud and bold it became soft and light. This section had horn solos, flute solos, and oboe solos. A timpani roll increases the sound and leads to another oboe solo. The piece, which is a collection of many “folk songs” put together ended as it began loud and bold.

Next we heard Country Gardens which is an English Folk Song written by Percy Granger. Granger wrote the piece as a piano and oboe duet. John Philip Sousa heard it and arranged it into the military type version…...

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...Concert Report #2 My second concert I attended was located at the Fowler Center Thursday, November 4, 2010. The Arkansas State University Wind Ensemble played several works, which gave to the title “Folksongs and War Songs”. Timothy Oliver was the main conductor and there was a guest conductor also, Dan Patterson. A classmate and I arrived to the Fowler Center on time and got settled, but neither one of knew what to expect really since we didn’t have a very sturdy musical background. Everyone on stage were playing their instruments all the same time and didn’t sound very graceful, but we came to the conclusion all the performers were practicing before show time. The lights began to dim and show began. The first piece was Divertimento for Band by Vincent Persichetti. It was composed of several different movements including the prologue, song, dance, burlesque, soliloquy, and finally march. The song and dance movements I recognized from class and put two and two together and learned that the soliloquy began the soloist concert. I enjoyed the performance, but was probably not my favorite. Heroes, Lost and Fallen by David R. Gillingham was the second piece and the one I enjoyed the most. I took pleasure in this piece because before the performance started, Mr. Patterson explained a little bit how this concert was derived. Heroes, Lost and Fallen was dedicated as a Vietnam Memorial. This piece was very different and had many different sounds. He told the audience...

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...Java Joes is a small coffee shop in the normal heights area just off the 15 freeway on Adams Avenue. Thousands of people wiz past everyday on their way to work or home and don’t realize the music pumping out of the doors. As you enter the small quaint shop, it is designed in local artist motif, everything on the walls is listed for sale. The seating arrangement is that of a small concert hall in the evenings, this is to accommodate the array of musicians that grace the café. If you find yourself in attendance of these amazing concerts be prepared to have a one of a kind up close and personal experience. The Robin Henkel band was the musical selection of the evening. This Jazz Quintet had a very family like demeanor and were very outgoing. They started the night off with a few jokes while warming up in what I could consider to be very dissipated harmony. Each musician was practicing parts with the others but no one was in sync. The first song they played was collaboration of all the instruments coming together in consonance harmony to gain the audience attention. It was announced that the first song to be played was an original composition by Robin Henkel, “Free Advice” is what he called it. The tune was played with a tonal center of B flat and started with a trumpet solo and soprano sax accompaniment. This song carried the tempo for the night with a smooth steady tone. The next song was entitled “Jeeps Blues”, it used the keynote of “C” and kept 4/4 time. This song had......

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...Allannha Diaz Concert Report #1 November 24, 2015 On July 28th 2015 Fishman’s syncopated marching band drums put a second line shuffle into the feet of the gathering masses. A blast of confetti ascended from the crowd. Page McConnell’s toy train whistle Hammond B3 organ hopped, Trey Anastasio’s guitar squealed and squawked, and Mike Gordon’s bass, as it would all night, both drove the rhythm and held it down.For the first time in five years (and the first time outside of a festival or TV-production setting in 16), the Phish circus had returned to Austin. The general admission floor area, which had been about half full just 10 minutes before, reached capacity as the band welcomed sunset at the Austin360 Amphitheater Tuesday night. The packed floor of fans rippled in a wave. Quite literally. The Vermont-based quartet opened their night show with the lyrically spare dance-provoking tune they first introduced to live audiences in 2009. The band, which began their tour last week, turned backward from there, reeling off several older tunes from the 80s and 90s. “Free” offered the crowd an early, rapturous sing-along, and undoubtedly many of the old-school faithful credited the band’s breezy tune with bringing a gentle wind that swept over the crowd. I went with my mom, she was a huge fan back in the day. Phish has been playing together for more than 30 years, and they probably never imagined as college kids they would be singing the words to “Haley’s Comet”when they were in......

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...Concert Report: 1 I attended the College Campus Community Band in the Picotte Recital Hall at the Massery Center for the Arts at the College of Saint Rose on December 7, 2010 at 7:30 P.M. The concert hall was just about filled up with a rather enthusiastic crowd on hand. The audience consisted of older people ranging from the ages of 30 to around 70. Everyone who was in attendance was casually dressed in nicer street clothes. The overall feel was really relaxed and everyone seemed like they were enjoying themselves as the night was beginning. The performers were all dressed in black shirts and pants and were very relaxed despite having a performance. The performers were on stage practicing before the performance began and when they were finished they came down to see everyone in the crowd mostly parents and relatives. The concert hadn’t even began yet but you could tell it was going to be a fun night overall for everyone in attendance. The music I enjoyed the most was a piece by Antonin Dvorak called Largo from the fifth new world symphony. This was a classical piece because it was created around the late 1800’s. I really enjoyed this piece of music because it was one of four movements and it was really relaxing to me. When I was listening to it, I felt really happy and I was into the piece and it really caught my attention. The band was medium sized and the mood was to me felt exciting. The band really played it with a sense of happiness. I was really happy when I was......

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