Computer and Internet: Killers of Conventional Learning Skills

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The increasing amount of time students are spending on computers at home and school has raised questions about how the use of computer technology and internet may make a difference in their lives—from helping with homework, to causing depression and to encouraging violent behavior. Students may sometimes use it for social networking and entertainment, but most of the students uses computer and internet for educational purpose. There a lot of sites and browsers that the students can use to help them make life easier, especially in academic. Google, Wikipedia and Wisegeek are some these sites that can truly be called 'best friend' by students in times of their hardships.

In the year 1837, Charles Babbage first described his Analytical Engine which is accepted as the first design for a modern computer. Computers then, were purposely made for military weapon enhancement calculations. And internet was made to connect major universities to secure their research in the case of war or a natural disaster in 1962. Then, as the time passed by, computer and internet are now contributors of information. They are now source of knowledge for most of the people. And students are the main benefactors of them.

Computer and internet have a big impact on students learning. It may be good and also be bad. As I've said a while ago, students may seek help from it on educational purpose. Students will just turn on the computer and internet, sit, surf net and there it is, the information you want. In an instant and in a click or two, you can get any information you want to know and what you are looking for. Not only has an abundant amount of information but it also provides the blazing speed for acquiring them. But too much help from them may cause a destruction of conventional learning. This research will provide an overview about the use of computer and…...

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