Compare and Contrast the Toolkit Used by Hunter-Gatherers with That Used by Farmers.

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Compare and contrast the toolkit used by hunter-gatherers with that used by farmers.

Throughout the ages, there have been tools used and created by man to simplify life as a hunter-gatherer. The earliest tool kits found from the 120,000-35,000 B.C.E. are great examples of simple tools made out of stones. Rough pieces of the stone chipped away to create somewhat of a point on the tip of the rock that could later be used as weaponry such as on a spear or as an everyday tool used for cutting. Through progression of practice and time tools became more evolved. Shapes became more defined and new tools developed. Different materials were used such as bone from animals and natural fibers such as sticks that were used to makes harpoons for hunting and needles for clothes making.

As hunting and gathering became insufficient due to growing populations humans began to settle down and domesticate their own crops and animals to feed themselves. Tools of the hunter-gatherer became more sophisticated as they settled into becoming farmers. Farmers used materials of stone, bone, antlers and natural fibers like the hunter-gatherers of the later years. They became more skilled at working the stones and materials polishing them into pieces of functional art. Tool use was not only for food but for other jobs such as clothes making and house building.

The difference between hunter-gatherer’s and farmer’s tool kits are the details. The hunter-gatherers did not put as much emphasis on decorating their tools as the farmers did. Farmers took the technology of tools and made it something of beauty and usefulness. Farmers also had more time to create new uses for their tools.

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