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Commonwealth Youth Council

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COUNTRIES | VOTERS NAME | EMAIL ADDRESS | Antigua and Barbuda | Ransfors Simms | | | Famarla Jacobs | | Australia | Lachlan Cooke | | | Vanessa Picker | | The Bahamas | No Voters Nominated | | Bangladesh | Pending | | Barbados | Cherisse Francis | | | Nikolai Holder | | Belize | No Voters Nominated | | Botswana | Koziba Malibala | | | Moabi Tshelani | | Brunei | Muham Auji Azizi Bin Mohd Noor | | Cameroon | Ngen Yves Riyuh | | | Rose-Mary Agbor Mbeng Agbor | | Canada | Alicia Swinamer | Alicia.swinamer@alumni.carleton.a | | Fawzi Ghosn | | Cyprus | No Voters Nominated | | Dominica | No Voters Nominated | | Ghana | Anita Al-Hassan Adam | | | Stephen Kankam Badu | | Grenada | Royden Beharry | | | Rashid Sylevester | | Guyana | Tricia Teekah | | | Tiffany Daniels | | India | Ms. Sandhya, J&K | | | Ms. Chanu Yaiphabi Leimapokpan | | Jamaica | Keeva | | | Nackadian | | Kenya | Mary Achieng Ogolla | | | Atemo Opulu Dishon | | Kiribati | No Voters Nominated | | Lesotho | No Voters Nominated | | Malawi | No Voters Nominated | | Malaysia | Hanul Haniff Bin Harun | | The Maldives | Pending | | Malta | Karl Bugeja | | Mauritius | Pending | | Mozambique | Pending | | Namibia | Ephraem Tuhadeleni Nekongo | | | Delicia Beatrice Kotungondo | | Nauru | No Voters Nominated | | New Zealand | No Voters Nominated | | Nigeria | Ahmed Adamu | | | Ahmed Abubakar Bachaka | | | Chidi Okonkwo | | Pakistan | Pending | | Papua New Guinea | Christina Jillian Keziah Giwe | | | David Aoneka Rupa | | Rwanda | Pending | | St. Kitts and Nevis | Pending | | St. Lucia | Marcellus Cazaubon | | | Kelvin Antoine | | St. Vincent and the Grenadines | Alex J.EM Veira | | | Kaskie Miguel | Kaskiemiguel@yahoo | Samoa | Molly Homasi | | | Asafo Paletaoga | | Seychelles | Ziggy Steven Adam | | | Beryl Birgitta Payet | | Sierra Leone | Ibrahim Idrissa Mansaray | | | Mamusu H. Turay | | Singapore | Nurhaya Binte Yatiman | | | Hoe Teck Chye, David | | Solomon Islands | Harry James Olikwailafa | | | Ella Wairiu | | South Africa | Yesrhen Pillay | | | Lerato Matasha Mofokeng | | | Molodadi Mologadi | | Sri Lanka | Pending | | Swaziland | No Voters Nominated | | Tanzania | Pending | | Tonga | Tapaita Kemoe'atu | | Trinidad and Tobago | Nicholas Morris | | | Kieron Samaroo | | Tuvalu | No Voters Nominated | | United Kingdom | Benjamin Marcus Allister Mallon | | | Lola Mustapha | LOLA.MUSTAPHA@LIVE.CO.UK | Uganda | Samuel Kavuma | | | Davis Akampurira Davis | | | Victoria Nakachwa | | Vanuatu | No Voters Nominated | | Zambia | Nathan Chanda Bwalya | | | Rachael Kalaba | | OVERSEAS TERRITORIES | Anguilla | Mr. Kasseem Forde | | | Ms. Sherise Brooks | | Bermuda | No Voters Nominated | | British Virgin Islands | No Voters Nominated | | Cayman Islands | Carla Martin | | | Victoria Crumbley | | Montserrat | Loni Howe | | Turks and Caicos Islands | No Voters Nominated | | Cook Islands | Patience Vainerere | | | Charlene Hoff | | | Mervin M. Browne | | | Tutai Mauke | | Niue | No Voters Nominated | |…...

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