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he business world today is more challenging than it ever has been. Effective communication is one of the many qualities one must have to succeed. It helps one present ideas, manage employees, and handle customers.
Presenting ideas is what makes businesses grow and evolve. An idea, being a formulated thought or opinion, is hard to put into words at times. Knowing how to transfer one’s thoughts into words can become the most effective aspect in communication. For example, if one was to stumble over words and fill sentences with long pauses during a business proposal, that person is not as likely to close the deal as one who speaks fluently with a steady flow of thoughts and words.
Communication also helps one to manage employees. Today’s work environment is filled with many types of people. One must know how to adapt to different races, languages, and cultures to effectively communicate. If an employee were deaf, it would be necessary to communicate using sign language so that person could fully comprehend the directions given.
In addition to helping manage employees, communication also helps one to deal with customers. Customers vary in ways more than employees. Customers are not in a controlled environment and are accustomed to one adapting to their specific needs and wants. Depending on the specific wants at the time, some customers may be extremely irate or hostile. One must handle this type of customer with care and know that a different approach must be taken. Doing things such as talking in a soft voice may calm the customer down, thus enabling the customer to be more reasonable. Knowing simple things such as using a calmer voice enables one to effectively take control of the situation.
As businesses grow, communication becomes harder and harder, making it even more important to focus on communication. Communication adapts to business and business adapts to…...

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