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COMM 330
Final Review

• Stereotype - a set of beliefs (cognitive)

- can be positive / negative
• Prejudice - an attitude (affect)
- can be positive / negative
— is stored in the mind
— i love Mexican food (prejudice)
• Discrimination - a type of behavior
- can be positive / negative
— is the act/ behavior
• Traditional relationship among the three stereotypes —> prejudice —> discrimination
• Discrimination is communicative
— is prejudice, ex: “i like a dodger fan just as much” later that day ends up beating up a dodger fan.
- generous definition of communication: Festivals, Marches, Tattoos, Violence,
Clothing, and Language are all communicative
- if discrimination can be positive / negative, then so can communication (be positive / negative)
• Communication Accommodation (Adjustment) Theory: explores how discrimination occurs communicatively
• Main Premise: we adjust (accommodate) our communication based on our communicative partner.
- attitudes of communicative partner’s social group are important
- types of accommodation
• Converge: —> social identity
- we desire a positive social identity
- we want to feel good about our own group membership
—> social comparison
- we compare our group in relation to other groups (“relative” others)
— relative means that when you are comparing the same genders but different ethnicities they’re the same, but different
— in-group rejection: when you reject yourself
• Social Comparison
- we compare our group in relation to other groups (“relative” others)
— women compare themselves to other women
- if social comparison for our group is positive, then we have positive social identity - the more positive social identities we have, the more positive we feel about ourselves - converse also true (ex: negative social identity)
— people can absolutely have a negative social identity

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