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Case Study for Student Analysis

In the case study below, Carl is a new recruiter for ABC Inc. When being assigned this position he exceeds expectations, and may have proved people who doubted him wrong because of his special skill to successfully hire several people despite only being on the job for a short amount of time. For this very reason he probably feels a lot of pressure to succeed and continue to perform better than his employees at the job. He has made a number of mistakes in the case study and he as a hard time coming to grasp for what to do next. In this we will see the mistakes that Carl has made, the decisions that he should have made, and the options he has at his disposal to correct those mistakes. The first problem involved is one that you shouldn’t ever do in the work place. Carl thought that he would have everything done telling Monica that it would be done in time and leave it at that. To make sure each hire has their resumes and applications right and the data is filled correctly and submitted fine. The most important part of this and the main reason you have to go through this because the company has to make sure you aren’t on drugs. The drug screening involves one or more analytical techniques used to identify specific drugs or their metabolites in a biological matrix ( Additionally, there are many other ways to determine who’s using drugs.

Another part of the requirements that may cause Carl to worry are the physicals. Like myself physicals are hard to schedule because the doctor offices I go to have a hard time squeezing me in because of the other patients that go there, so I know how he feels. That was just for one person so imagine doing that for a whole group of people to hire. Every minute, and every second someone in the world is getting sick, and the doctor office will…...

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