Coca Cola Swot Analysis

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Coca Cola SWOT Analysis:
|Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Brand equity/image & recognition |Credit rating |
|Product distribution and worldwide network |Customer concentration, particularly in the US (Wal-Mart accounts for more |
|Solid financial performance |than 10% of Coca Cola's business in the US) |
|One of the world's most recognized brand | |
|Product diversification (water, juices, soft drinks, sport drinks, etc) | |
|Opportunities |Threats |
|Bottled water growth |Commodity prices growth |
|Acquisitions of smaller players |Image perception in certain parts of the world (i.e., Colombia) |
|Health consciousness growth, specially of baby boomers |Smaller, more nimble operators/players |
| |Key competitors (Pepsi, etc) |

1. SWOT analysis explained

Albert Humphrey is credited with inventing the SWOT analysis technique.

SWOT analysis is a strategic planning tool used to…...

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...A Report on Strategic Management Case Of COCA COLA (Year 2007) Subject: Managerial Policy Section: “B” [MBA – Evening Program] Faculty: Brig. (ret.) Shakeel Ahmed Prepared & Presented by: |Group 2 | |Faraz Ahmed |Zohaib Genda |Mehboob Hassan |Zakia Rasheed | |Arshad Khan |Muhammad Tabish Taha |Sehrish Anwar |Obaid Ullah Aleem | |Mohammad Waqas |Ashok Kumar |Tariq Khan | |Zeeshan Ul Haque |Tariq Hamidi |Babar Raza | Table of Contents 1- EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 2- HISTORY OF COCA COLA 4 3- BRANDS OF COCA COLA 7 3.1- Energy Drinks 7 3.2- Juices/Juice Drinks 7 3.3- Soft Drinks 8 3.5- Tea and Coffee 8 3.6 Water 8 3.7- Other Drinks 9 4- CONSUMER CHOICE AT A GLANCE 10 5- DIFFERENT PLAYERS IN THE SOFT DRINKS MARKET 11 5- DIFFERENT PLAYERS IN THE SOFT DRINKS MARKET 12 6- OUR MISSION ......

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