Coast to Coast Killer

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The Coast to Coast Killer
Chapter Four

“You feel like shooting some hoops?”
Said Officer Thompson to Detective Carpenter as he was pretending to shoot a jumpshot from his seat in front of the detectives desk.
“I think we need to take a little break.” “You know, tired minds don’t think to well.” He continued.
As he was now tucking in his shirt upon rising from his chair.
Officer Thompson was a pretty good former N.B.A. reserve player. Having played for the Philadelphia 76ers before injuring his knee in his rookie season.
Second team All-American out of Temple University. 6-6 and only 28. He was still a formidable opponent between the blocks. And nobody wanted to play
H.O.R.S.E with him either. Hardly anybody could match his dunks.
“Yea.” “Maybe you’re right.” “Not for too long though.” “This fucker ain’t resting to much so we can’t afford to either.” Responded the detective.
He was tapping on the desk with his pencil while looking at the list of victims.
They had been in the office since early this morning working on the case and had been going over several stacks of paper concerning the victims and all of the new data seemed to be a bit over whelming by now.
At this point, they were yet unawares of the latest victim, the girl in Florida had not yet been found. Charlie had pulled her into the bushes and covered her up with a stack of delivery pallets he had found nearby.
“I keep thinking about number 29.” Said the detective.
“You mean the pizza delivery guy?”
“Yea.” “You know, I don’t think he even planned that one.”
“As a matter of fact, I think he was just driving by and saw an opportunity that he couldn’t refuse.” Chided the detective.
“That was the one in New Hampshire right?”
“Yea, earlier this summer.” “Right after the one in Boston.”
“So.” “He kills a guy in Boston and then drives all the way up to the very tip of New Hampshire, almost to Canada…...

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