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One Week startled me; because I expected a typical road movie in which a person goes on to find himself. This movie opens with the protagonist Ben Taylor in his doctor’s office, receiving the news that he has stage 4 cancers. His chances of survival are very low, but there was a hope, that he could beat the disease if the treatment begins. This moment Ben decides to do a few things he always wanted to do because he knew that he might not get another chance.
I occasionally enjoy watching movies; they provide a great source of entertainment especially when trying to curtail boredom. While some movies challenge your imagination, others just disappoint by their baseless stories, however, a few manage to stand out through the message they convey. One Week, a soulful Canadian drama is undoubted amongst those which provoke you to think and re-evaluate life.

One Week is more of a coming of age story though in this scenario the transition unfolds within adulthood. I learned how it is never too late to discover yourself, no matter what the circumstances. Ben, the protagonist, identifies his true feelings and embraces his beliefs by taking a chance of a lifetime, given his cancer was almost fatal. His reckless choice of embarking on a road trip over receiving treatment turned out to be the recovery he really needed. The movie conveys a very strong message about exploring life, taking a chance and seizing the day. Sometimes that 'gut' feeling can take you places or potentially save you, as, in this case. I, personally, do agree with the message here, it deals with an unconventional form of hope and encourages people to break through their inhibitions.

The movie is essentially based on a road trip and it is a little surreal how everyone Ben encounters during his journey has somewhat a life turning the inspiration for Ben and vice versa. A…...

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