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World-Wide Trading Company: Project Implementation Plan Group 3 Kristine Bird (AD Forest Domain OU, Groups and GPO Implementation) Ryan Bonisch (Contact list and LAN Implementation Tasks) Anthony Campo (Configuration of Routers, Switches, and VLANs) Gerald Casanada (Voice VLAN, Wireless, DHCP and DNS) Jennifer Coleman (AD Implementation and Tasks lists for AD Policies) Billie Jo Derouin (Security Implementation) Raymond Mack (Security Technology and Timeline) University of Maryland University College CMIT 495 Professor Sam Musa February 28, 2016

Table of Contents Introduction 2 Purpose 3 Implementation Requirements 3 Project Contact List 3 Tool List 3 Equipment Installation Plan 5 Project TimeLine 6 Lan Implementation task 7 Security Implementation task 11 Configuration Routers 41 Switches 46 VLAN Configurations 49 Voice VLAN and Wireless 51 DHCP and DNS 54 Active Directory Implementation Task 56 Active Directory Policies 58 AD Forest Domain OU formation/AD Group Formation/AD GPO Implementation 68 Security Technologies 88

Introduction The implementation of the WWTC is crucial to keep the business functioning and growing. To ensure that new office installation goes smooth group 3 will create a functional implementation plan from the design we proposed to WWTC over the last 7 weeks.
The purpose of this plan is to provide a step by step guide on the network designed proposed by group 3. This implementation plan will include points of contacts, project leads, equipment, installation steps, personnel responsible for installation, and timeline.
Implementation Requirements In order to completed this detailed implementation this project will be rolled out in phases based on what equipment needs to be installed and configured. The project will be rolled out in…...

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