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Cmi 3001v1 You as a Manager

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Task 1: Developing and using a personal development plan * Identify the links between organisational objectives and personal development objectives
The organisation’s main aim is making a difference, as outlined in their Programme for and to make the Company t a “top performing organisation”. This mirrors my personal objectives to make myself a better worker. In order to achieve this I need to adhere to the Civil Service Competency Framework’s (2015) main aims of Setting Direction, Engaging People and Delivering Results. * Construct a personal development plan which meets agreed objectives
I have created a PDP that can be seen below. In my plan, I have identified what my short, medium and long term objectives will be for the next 12 months and beyond. I did this by using my Performance Management Review and my personal objectives I have included relevant training courses to enhance and expand my knowledge, but also formal and informal discussions and feedback from my colleagues to assist me to reflect on my practice and develop.

Part 1 – Personal Analysis

Strengths | Area for Further Development | * My personal organisational skills are excellent and I work well with others in the team. * I am confident in showing other members of the team how various system work such as the Financial System. * I have shown by attending the CMI leadership course that i have excellent time management skills by juggling my work and the demands of the course and assignments. | I need to double check m work to avoid mistakes especially when working with numbers. Due to our workload I tend rush my work sometimes in orders to meet deadlines. | Opportunities | Threats | I have been given the opportunity to shadow others in meetings as well as evaluate contracts which is a responsibility for staff members two grade above…...

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