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Claustrophobia is defined by Psychology Wiki, as an anxiety disorder that involves the fear of enclosed or confined spaces. Claustrophobe’s may suffer from panic attacks, or fear of having a panic attack, in situations such as being in elevators, trains or aircrafts. Well, how about Hyperbaric Chambers, MRI machines and many other medical necessities that are a critical part of the ability to adequately diagnose and treat patients. I am a Licensed Practical Nurse with my certificate in hyperbaric medicine and I currently work in a Hyperbaric Medicine Clinic and am faced with this fear from patients almost daily. Most of our patients can “get through” the treatments fairly well by thinking about other things or by distractions such as watching a movie of their choice from our movie library. Then there’s that special case, the ones who can‘t or won‘t and flat-out refuse almost to the point of panic when doing so. Imagine being faced with a life threatening injury, infections, such as gas Gangrene or another flesh-eating bacterial skin infections. Also, carbon monoxide poisoning so sever that if you don‘t get treatment for it, it can put strain on your heart damaging the cardiac muscles and CO poisoning can also leave you with a lifetime of lingering sequelae of headaches and nerve damage and can lead to early death if not treated. Or as a diabetic, a grade three diabetic ulcer that is getting to the point were your wound is infected and the infection is moving into your bones, most often the lower extremities. Then imagine the physician telling you that you are faced with amputation of one or both of your legs or feet and a life stuck in a wheelchair and or going through multiple months, possibly years, of physical therapy to get used to a prosthetic leg or foot. Not only this but the physician also telling you that adjusting to an amputation…...

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