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I. Introduction
The first time you will hear the word Circadian Rhythm, you will be dreary because you have no idea on what it is about, but because of my drastic intention I will gather more ideas about my topic. Doubtless, I am sure I will make it easier to work with it. One question was bothering me and makes me persevere on doing this Research Paper. “Is it entrainable or not?”, one question with different ideas and information’s sticking with it. No specific and particular reviews I need to provide about it, I just need to gather information by means of researching just to know if Circadian Rhythm is entrainable or not. Although the process is not easy, as people who have suffered from a jetlag, because the more time you did not sleep, the more you will suffer Circadian Rhythm. Sleep and waking, for instance, occur naturally to the beat of an internal pacemaker, which works on a cycle of about twenty-four-hours.
My purpose on making and researching is to have broad ideas and I need to answer the question bothering me if it is entrainale or not. I need to defend my title against myself to be proudly to present it and defend it easily.In my title, I used the questioning type because I want to know if Circadian Rhythm is truly entrainable or not. Y abstract focuses on the summary of my entire research paper and what are my goals and objectives on making this research. In listing the methods and procedures, my goal is to give the reader sufficient information to be able to understand it clearly. I have also results to give some description and guide to help the reader recognize my important points. Also the written conclusions were I stated what I’ve learned and proved. Lastly, in the bibliography I listed different references I used in my Research Paper to gather more informations.
Background of the Study
Circadian rhythms…...

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