Christians Reponsiblity over the Environment

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God’s involvement in creations is shown in all aspects of the creation in the Bible. With each aspect of creation, God expressed pleasure in what He created. God’s pleasure in his creation reveals the need for Christians to care for the environment. God shows man’s mandate given by God for creation in Genesis 2: 19-20. Since God gave the mandate to rule over the earth, man is also responsible for the environment. Global warming has affected the planet which is and has caused a climate change on earth. Natural disasters have increased due to the climate change. Christian’s responsibility for creation is to restore its landscape, agriculture, animal life, and human livelihood. Christians have a responsibility to preserve creation by recycling, proper disposal of hazardous waste, and create protection agencies for wild life. Christians have a responsibility to take care of creation, restore, preserve, and protect creation in all aspects which God has commanded man to do.
God’s involvement in creation is understood for Christians in the Bible starting at Genesis 1. The Bible shows at the beginning God’s hand is expressed in all aspects of creation. The first day of creation God made space, time, earth, and light. On the second day, God created the atmosphere of the earth which then making it possible for life on earth. The third day, God made dry land and called it “earth.” God names the water “sea.” God also created the vegetation, plants that produced seeds for reproduction, fruit with seeds in the fruit, and trees. The fourth day, God created the Sun, moon, and stars. The purpose was to be able to tell signs, seasons, days and years. The fifth day, God created the Sea and flying animals on earth also including dinosaurs. The Sixth day, God created the all forms of land animals and man. God created man…...

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