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Chili Pepper and Eucalyptusoil as a Cockroach Killer

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Cockroaches are a constant threat to humans; they spread diseases and are unsanitary. This cockroach problem is commonly addressed through the use of toxic pesticides, but the unfortunate truth is that these pesticides can also be harmful to humans and the environment. The researchers conducted a study to create a toxic-free cockroach killer using Eucalyptus Oil and Chili Peppers as ingredients. The researchers determined the most effective concentration of ingredients by performing a Preliminary Test. From the test they discovered that the concentration with the higher amount of Eucalyptus oil is most effective in killing cockroaches. They proceeded to conduct further experiments to compare the Formulated Cockroach Killer from a known Commercial Pesticide. 5 trials were performed, 10 cockroaches were tested with the Commercial Pesticide and another 10 for the Formulated Cockroach Killer. The Commercial Pesticide killed a higher quantity of cockroaches than the Formulated one. Data were collected and a T-test was performed. The T-test proved that the difference is statistically significant. Although the Commercial Pesticide was more effective, the Formulated Cockroach Killer was still able to kill cockroaches without the use of Toxic ingredients.

Background Of The Study

Cockroaches have adapted to survive in many environments. Once cockroaches invade your home, they can expose you to several kinds of diseases. The use of toxic pesticides to manage pest problems has become a common practice around the world. While these pesticides are able to kill harmful cockroaches, it also has some harmful and bad effects to humans and to the environment. Because of this, the researches wanted to make a safe and effective cockroach killer out of natural ingredients: Chili Peppers and Eucalyptus Oil. The reason why the researchers chose this study is to lessen the use of harmful chemicals from Commercial Pesticides that can cause an imbalance in the ecosystem by creating an alternative and safer Cockroach killer.

Objectives * To contribute to the society by creating a helpful substance in eliminating cockroaches. * To create an organic and natural cockroach killer that is non-toxic. * To test the feasibility of non-toxic ingredients in making a cockroach killer.

The study will be a significant endeavor in contributing to human being’s knowledge in how to eliminate cockroaches without using harmful and toxic chemicals. This study will also be beneficial in providing a cheap, natural and safe way of ending the problem with cockroaches by creating a cockroach killer with the use of non-toxic ingredients.


Making The Cockroach killer

* Preliminary Test
First to be performed was the Preliminary Test. The test was done to determine the most effective concentration of ingredients for the Formulated Cockroach Killer. There were two types of concentration. Concentration | Eucalyptus Oil | Chili Peppers | Concentration 1 | 30 ml | 10 ml | Concentration 2 | 10 ml | 30 ml |

The cockroaches were tested in 3 trials with 5 cockroaches in each one. The number of sprays in each trial was 10. The distance of the cockroaches from the sprayer was 8 inches. The cockroaches were observed for 1 minute after spraying. The researchers counted the cockroaches that were killed by the Cockroach killer within the minute. A t-test was performed to determine if the difference is statistically significant. The concentration with the highest average of cockroaches killed in 3 trials was determined as the most effective one.

* Commercial Pesticide vs. the Formulated Cockroach Killer

The best concentration of the cockroach killer was compared with a known Commercial Pesticide in terms of effectiveness. It was tested through 5 trials.
Instead of an aerosol spray for the commercial pesticide, a spray bottle similar with the one used for the formulated cockroach killer was filled with the commercial pesticide and was used for the experimentation. In doing this, the force of spraying in the two products was the same.
In each trial there were 10 cockroaches tested with the Commercial Pesticide and another 10 cockroaches tested with the Formulated Cockroach Killer. The number of sprays in each trial was 15 and the distance from the sprayer was 8 inches. The cockroaches were observed for 3 minutes after spraying. The researchers counted the cockroaches that were killed by the Cockroach killer within the time allotted.
After performing the trials, data were analyzed. A T-test was performed to statistically compare the two means.

Results and Discussions

Table 1: Preliminary Test Results Concentration of the Formulated Cockroach Killer | Trial 1No. Of cockroaches killed out of 3 | Trial 2No. Of cockroaches killed out of 3 | Trial 3No. Of cockroaches killed out of 3 | Average number of cockroaches killed | Concentration 15 sprays | 3 | 3 | 2 | 2.67 | Concentration 25 sprays | 3 | 2 | 2 | 2.33 |

Table 1 shows the number of cockroaches killed by each concentration in each trial. Concentration 1 gained the higher amount of average cockroach killed.
T calculated value = 5
According to the t-table with df = 4. T must be at least 2.132 to reach p<0.05, so this difference is statistically significant.

Table 2: Commercial Pesticide vs. the Formulated Cockroach Killer Results Cockroach Killer | Trial 1: Cockroaches killed out of 10 | Trial 2: Cockroaches killed out of 10 | Trial 3: Cockroaches killed out of 10 | Trial 4: Cockroaches killed out of 10 | Trial 5: Cockroaches killed out of 10 | Average | Commercial Pesticide | 9 | 10 | 9 | 10 | 10 | 9.6 | Formulated Cockroach Killer | 7 | 5 | 6 | 6 | 7 | 6.2 |

Table 2 shows the number of cockroaches killed each trial. The Commercial Pesticide gained the higher amount of average cockroaches killed.
T calculated value = 7.606
According to the t-table with df = 8. T must be at least 2.306 to reach p<0.05, so this difference is statistically significant.

Figure 1: Cockroaches Killed in Each Trial
The graph shows that the number of cockroaches killed by the Commercial Pesticide in each trial is higher than the Formulated Cockroach Killer.
Figure 2

The graph shows the difference between the quantities of cockroaches killed by the Commercial Pesticide and the Formulated Cockroach killer.

Chapter 5: Conclusion
In the Preliminary Test, the concentration with a higher amount of Eucalyptus Oil was proven to be most effective. The researchers concluded that the Eucalyptus Oil is the ingredient that attributed the most in the Formulated Cockroach Killer’s effectiveness.
After performing the tests, the Commercial Pesticide was proven to me more effective than the Formulated Cockroach Killer. Though the Commercial Pesticide is proven to be more effective, the difference between the effectiveness of the two products was not dramatic. The Formulated cockroach killer’s numbers of cockroaches killed in each trial were not less than half of the number of cockroaches tested. This shows that the Eucalyptus Oil and Chili Pepper Cockroach Killer can be effective in killing cockroaches.
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