Childhood Obesity in America

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Childhood Obesity in America Obesity is the condition characterized by the excessive amount of fat storage in the body. Childhood obesity is a major health concern in todays society. Obesity can lead to heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. Also, self-esteem issues, which can lead to eating disorders, depression, and crash diets (Mayo Clinic Staff). Most children these days are classified as being overweight for their age. There are a numerous amount of causes of childhood obesity. Plenty of reasons, including genetic factors, calorie intake, and lack of physical activity are the prime causes of childhood obesity (“Cause and Effect: Obesity”). One of the contributing causes of childhood obesity is genetics. Genetic factors play one of the many roles in child obesity. Some individuals are more susceptible to inherit obesity diseases than others. Genes passed down from generations can directly cause obesity in children (Walley). A gene is a unit of heredity that is transferred from parent to offspring. These genes carry characteristics of the parental component, which may include obesity factors (“Behavior”). One of the genetic factors include metabolism. Metabolism converts food and drinks into energy into your body. People could have a fast metabolism or a slow metabolism, childhood obesity involves slow metabolism. Slow metabolism may be passed down through genetics. Metabolism also involves an energy imbalance. Energy imbalance is caused by eating more than your body’s metabolic rate requires in a day (Gusain). Although genetics are a major part in childhood obesity, the calorie intake of a child may be the most critical cause. Calorie intake varies from child to child, but is often high. The recommended amount of calories is roughly about…...

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...are linked with obesity; a preventable, curable, and manageable disease that hundreds of thousands of people face all around the world. The only thing worse than having to face these health issues as an adult, is having to face them as a child. Childhood obesity is becoming an epidemic in America today. This issue is leading to an unhealthy future for individual kids, but also for society as a whole. As the population has become more obese we have seen a rise in all kinds of health issues. Childhood obesity has been on a steady rise over recent years and this could cause a health crisis in the future. There are several causes to childhood obesity that can be overcome leading to a healthy life. The major causes of childhood obesity are a limited amount of physical activity, family behaviors, and unhealthy food choices. A lack of physical activity is one of the main causes of obesity. This has been a growing problem among children in recent years. “Obesity is a disorder of energy balance. It can occur only when the number of calories being consumed exceeds the number of calories burned, and usually an excess of this kind has to last for months or years of obesity is to develop” (Reilly, 2007). A lack of physical activity has led to the consumption of more calories than are burned off in children. There are many causes for this shift. A study done in the United States validated the relationship between hours of television watched each day and childhood obesity. “The findings......

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Childhood Obesity Prevent Childhood Obesity in Florida The publication I chose is community partnerships to prevent childhood obesity. This publication is about an health issue which is childhood obesity. For over a decade, obesity rates have been on the rise. This health issue has recently been subsiding, but in order for this to continue, all depends on if the government, communities, and private sector continue to take action (NIHCM Foundation, 2013). In Florida, action is continued to be taken to address this obesity issue with support from an initiative of the Florida Blue Foundation (NIHCM Foundation, 2013). Six organizations from the state are given resources and training so that they can provide prevention activities. NIHCM Foundation's Promising Practices in Maternal and Child Health facts sheet shows programs being started, new collaborations which are promising, and dedicated space so leaders can share their success stories. As we can see the issue in this publication is childhood obesity that is on a continues rise. This is one of the nation's top health concerns. One in three youths are obese or overweight (NIHCM Foundation, 2013). The type of healthcare organization I would like to work for in the future is a nursing home or in a hospital, particularly in the pediatrics section. I enjoy working with the elderly and children. I would explain to two stakeholders of the hospital, which are providers and patients that today, In the United States childhood obesity has become......

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...Introduction to Research Paper: Childhood Obesity 1. the specific question you propose to answer for your final research paper ~What are the causes and consequences of childhood obesity and how can it be either prevented, or solved. 2. your working thesis statement ~Childhood obesity is a major cause of disease and health risks, including death, in America and we need to work together to solve this epidemic. 3. an overview of what you currently know about the issue ~Childhood obesity is now considered an epidemic in the United States. It is effecting many children in the population, causing things such as high blood pressure, diabetes and death. And, this issue that is causing so many problems, is preventable. There are currently some cities and towns that are working to create initiatives to encourage children to go outside and play, instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer. I think that this effort should be rewarded and needs to become a more common and continental initiative. Also, there is a huge problem with these overweight and obese children getting bullied and picked on in school. This just causes the children’s self-esteem to be lowered and could possible cause thoughts, or attempts, of suicide. Obese children shouldn’t be rewarded for being overweight, but the need to be encouraged to lose weight, but this has to be done in a subtle manor; telling someone they need to lose weight isn’t going to help. The key is to almost trick the children into......

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