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How far do the sources give a similar account of the Charge of the Light Brigade?

The sources give similar accounts of the Charge of the Light Brigade to some extent. Sources 1 and 3 suggest that the incident that occurred was a disaster whereas source 2 juxtaposes the other sources stating that it was ‘in some ways, a success’.
Source 1 is an extract from a poem written and published by Lord Tennyson in 1854 based on the aftermath of the Charge making it a primary source. It shares some similarities with the other sources highlighting the many that died, ‘into the valley of Death, rode the six hundred’. This links to sources 2 and 3 as they both mentioned the ‘high casualties’ that occurred. The blunt evidence shown in source 1 that the Charge was a disaster because of the casualties may have been because during the time of the war, many of the people could not read so obtained important information through songs and poems that were memorable and simplistic.
Source 2 is an extract from Orlando Figes’ book on the Crimean War called ‘The Last Crusade’ 2011 which shows a totally different perception of the outcome of the charge suggesting that the belief it was a ‘glorious disaster’, was in fact a myth. He states in the extract that the ‘Light Brigade had achieved its aim’ as the Russians had been ‘frightened’ off the battlefield even though hundreds of soldiers had died attempting to carry out the task. This all suggests that there was a set plan for the soldiers to do which contrasts with information from source 3. This source suggests that there was ‘chaos’ as there was no order within the lines as they became jumbled and the first line men and horses were being trampled on during the commotion. There is a difference in actually what happened during the Charge which may have been because both sources are secondary sources. Another reason may be that source 3…...

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